Språkbanken CLARINO
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PUB NLB Pronunciation lexicon for Norwegian Bokmål lexicalConceptualResource 21.10.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-52
PUB Conferences and seminars at the National Library 2018 audio 21.06.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-51
Texts from Norwegian Wikipedia corpus 19.06.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-50
PUB NorNE - Norwegian Named Entities corpus 29.05.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-49
PUB SNORRE Terminology Database lexicalConceptualResource 15.05.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-48
PUB Translation memory from Nynorsk pressekontor (Nynorsk News Press Agency) corpus 14.05.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-47
PUB Translation memory from Standards Norway corpus 10.05.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-46
PUB Translation memories from Amesto Translations AS corpus 09.05.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-45
PUB Norsk Ordbank - Norwegian Nynorsk 2012 lexicalConceptualResource 20.02.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-41
PUB Norsk Ordbank - Norwegian Bokmål 2005 lexicalConceptualResource 20.02.2019 oai:nb.no:sbr-5
PUB Tuva Speech Database audio 14.03.2018 oai:nb.no:sbr-44
PUB Norsk Ordbank in Norwegian Nynorsk 2005 lexicalConceptualResource 30.10.2017 oai:nb.no:sbr-1
ACA The NORM Corpus corpus 17.08.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:norm
PUB Norwegian Words lexicalConceptualResource 17.08.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:ordforrådet
ACA The NORINT Corpus textaudiovideo 17.08.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:norint
ACA Corpus of Doctor-Patient Consultations from Ahus corpus 14.08.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:lege-pasient
ACA The SKRIV Corpus corpus 14.08.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:skriv
ACA The Lexicographic Corpus for Norwegian Bokmål corpus 14.08.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:LBK2013
ACA The Oslo Corpus of Tagged Norwegian Texts (the Bokmål part) corpus 20.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:oslo-korpuset-nb
ACA The Oslo Corpus of Tagged Norwegian Texts (the Nynorsk part) corpus 20.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:oslo-korpuset-nn
ACA TAUS - Talemålsundersøkelsen i OsloTAUS - The spoken language investigation in Oslo textaudio 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:taus
ACA Nordic Dialect Corpus textvideoaudio 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:nordic-dialect-corpus
ACA Corpus of American Norwegian Speech textvideoaudio 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:cans
ACA Norsk talespråkskorpus - Oslodelen textvideoaudio 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:nota-oslo
PUB The Oslo-Bergen Tagger toolServicecorpuscorpus 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:oslo-bergen-tagger
ACAPUB Nordic Syntax Database corpus 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:nordic-syntax-database
ACA The BigBrother Corpus textvideoaudio 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:bigbrother
ACAPUB NoWaC v 1.0 (Norwegian Web as Corpus) corpus 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:nowac
PUB Glossa (new version) textaudiovideotextaudiovideotextNumerical 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:glossa
PUB Frequency lists from NoWaC - Norwegian Web as Corpus corpus 08.06.2017 oai:tekstlab.uio.no:nowac-freq
PUB CORYL (Corpus of Young Learner Language) corpus 02.06.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:coryl
ACA The Norwegian-Spanish Parallel Corpus corpus 02.06.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nspc
ACA Brown family (extended) corpus 22.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:brown
ACA Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler corpus 22.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:ceecs
ACA The Freiburg - LOB Corpus of British English (FLOB) corpus 22.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:flob
ACA The Freiburg - Brown Corpus of American English corpus 22.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:frown
ACA The London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English (LLC) corpus 22.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:london-lund
ACA Helsinki Corpus of Older Scots corpus 22.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:oldscot
ACA The Corpus of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) corpus 20.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:fta
ACA The LOB corpus (POS tagged) corpus 20.05.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:lob
PUB Parallel Corpus of documents from the Technical Regulations Information System for German-Spanish corpus 17.03.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:tris
PUB Tagged texts in Norwegian Bokmål from NBdigital (public domain material) corpus 07.03.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-43
PUB NB Tale - a basic acoustic phonetic speech database for Norwegian audio 25.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-31
PUB NB N-gram toolService 24.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-42
PUB N-grams from NBdigital corpus 24.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-35
PUB Norwegian Wordnet - Bokmål lexicalConceptualResource 22.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-27
PUB Proceedings of Norwegian parliamentary debates (2008-2015) corpus 17.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-stortinget
PUB Norwegian-Vietnamese Dictionary lexicalConceptualResource 15.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:lex-nvo
PUB Norwegian Newspaper Corpus annotated (2001-2009) corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:avis
PUB Norwegian Newspaper Corpus Nynorsk corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:avis-nno
PUB Norwegian Newspaper Corpus Bokmål corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:avis-plain
PUB The Morphologically Annotated Part of BulTreeBank corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:bul-treebank
RES COLA - Corpus Oral de Lenguaje Adolescente audio 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:cola
RES Text material from Forskning.no (1998 - 2012) corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:forskning-no
PUB The KIAP corpus corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:kiap
PUB Menotec collection corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:Menotec
PUB NorGram NDT in LFG in Norwegian Nynorsk (derivate from Norwegian Dependency Treebank) corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nno-ndt-lfg
ACA NorGramBank Newspaper text in Norwegian Bokmål from the LBK corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-lbk-av
ACA NorGramBank Non-fiction text in Norwegian Bokmål from the LBK corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-lbk-sa
ACA NorGramBank television subtitles in Norwegian Bokmål from LBK corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-lbk-tv
PUB Norwegian Dependency Treebank in Norwegian Bokmål (copy @ INESS) corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-ndt-dep
PUB NorGram NDT in LFG in Norwegian Bokmål (derivate from Norwegian Dependency Treebank) corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-ndt-lfg
optional INESS NorGramBank collection corpus 12.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:NorGramBank
ACA Annotations of non-fiction text from 'Nynorskkorpuset ved Norsk Ordbok 2014' corpus 11.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nno-nnk-sa
ACA Annotations of fiction text from 'Nynorskkorpuset ved Norsk Ordbok 2014' corpus 11.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nno-nnk-sk
RES ASK - The Norwegian Second Language Corpus (treebank) corpus 10.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-ask
PUB Proceedings of Norwegian parliamentary debates (2008-2015) corpus 10.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:stortinget
optional Norwegian Newspaper Corpus corpus 04.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-4
PUB N-grams for Norwegian Bokmål (based on Norwegian news text) corpus 04.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-29
PUB N-grams for Norwegian Bokmål (based on NST news text) corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-3
PUB NST Lexical database for Danish lexicalConceptualResource 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-26
PUB NST Acoustic database for Danish (22 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-20
optional Multilingual wordlist from SNORRE Terminology Database lexicalConceptualResource 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-24
PUB NST Acoustic database for Swedish (22 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-17
PUB Digitized books in xml-format corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-33
PUB SCARRIE Lexical Resource lexicalConceptualResource 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-9
PUB Translation memories from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-36
PUB N-grams for Danish (based on the NST text corpus) corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-28
PUB NST acoustic speech database for Norwegian (22 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-14
optional NorSource corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-32
PUB "Exhibition corpus" - text, sound, sign corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-30
PUB NST acoustic speech database for Norwegian speech synthesis (44 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-15
PUB Hyphenations from the National Library corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-39
PUB NST Lexical database for Norwegian Bokmål lexicalConceptualResource 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-23
PUB N-grams for Norwegian Nynorsk (based on NNC and NST) corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-8
PUB NST Acoustic database for Swedish speech synthesis (44 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-18
RES Recording of a public defense in Norwegian Sign Language (NTS) corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-37
PUB NST Acoustic database for Danish (16 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-19
optional Norwegian Acquis Communautaire corpus 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-2
PUB NST acoustic speech database for Norwegian (16 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-13
PUB NST Acoustic database for Danish speech synthesis (44 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-21
PUB ONOMASTICA lexicalConceptualResource 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-38
PUB NST Lexical database for Swedish lexicalConceptualResource 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-22
optional Wordlists from The Language Council of Norway lexicalConceptualResource 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-6
PUB NST Acoustic database for Swedish (16 kHz) audio 03.02.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-16
PUB Old Norwegian Homily book (AM 619 4to) corpus 03.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:non-homiliebok-dep
RES NorGramBank Non-fiction text in Norwegian Bokmål from Forskning.no corpus 02.02.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-fn
PUB N-grams for Norwegian Bokmål (based on NNC and NST news text) corpus 29.01.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-12
optional TROLL - Trondheim Linguistic Lexicon lexicalConceptualResource 28.01.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-40
PUB Norwegian Wordnet - Nynorsk lexicalConceptualResource 28.01.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-7
PUB Freely available texts from NBDigital corpus 28.01.2016 oai:nb.no:sbr-34
ACA The Helsinki Corpus of English Texts corpus 06.01.2016 oai:clarino.uib.no:helsinki
optional META-NORD Sofie English Treebank corpus 10.12.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:eng-sofie-con
PUB Norwegian Dependency Treebank (NDT) corpus 08.12.2015 oai:nb.no:sbr-10
PUB N-grams for Swedish (based on the NST Text Corpus) corpus 08.12.2015 oai:nb.no:sbr-11
RES NorGramBank Non-fiction text in Norwegian Nynorsk from Forskning.no. corpus 03.11.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:nno-fn
ACA NorGrambank children's fiction in Norwegian Nynorsk corpus 29.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:nno-child
optional META-NORD Sofie Norwegian treebank corpus 28.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-sofie-lfg
optional META-NORD Sofie Parallel Treebank corpus 28.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:sofie-par
PUB META-NORD Acquis Finnish Treebank corpus 22.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:fin-jrc-acquis-dep
PUB META-NORD Acquis Danish Treebank corpus 21.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:dan-jrc-acquis-dep
PUB META-NORD Acquis Icelandic Treebank corpus 21.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:isl-jrc-acquis-con
ACA NorGramBank fiction in Norwegian Nynorsk corpus 14.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:nno-novel
ACA NorGramBank children’s fiction in Norwegian Bokmål corpus 14.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-child
ACA NorGramBank – Fiction in Norwegian Bokmål corpus 14.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:nob-novel
PUBoptional The Dependency Part of BulTreeBank corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:bul-treebank-dep
optional META-NORD Sofie Danish Treebank corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:dan-sofie-dep
PUB Mercurius Treebank corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:deu-mercurius-con
optional META-NORD Sofie Estonian Treebank corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:est-sofie-dep
optional META-NORD Icelandic Sofie Treebank corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:isl-sofie-con
optional META-NORD Sofie Georgian treebank corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:kat-sofie
PUB Magnúss lagabǿtis landslǫg and other law texts corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:non-mll-dep
PUB Óláfs saga ins helga (legendary version) corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:non-olavssaga-dep
PUB Stringed Instruments corpus 06.10.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:non-strleik-dep
ACA The Australian Corpus of English (ACE) corpus 26.05.2015 oai:clarino.uib.no:ace