Språkbanken – a language technology resource collection for Norwegian

Språkbanken offers digital language resources for use in research and in the development of language technology. The resources can be downloaded from Språkbanken’s website free of charge. The collection is expanding continuously.

Språkbanken is a service to that part of the ICT-industry which works with the development of language-based ICT-solutions, to researchers within language technology and linguistics, and to public enterprises which develop electronic solutions for public services. Among other things, Språkbanken contains corpora of written and spoken language, i.e. large collections of text and speech in machine-readable format.

Språkbanken is a national infra-structure initiative designed to ensure that language technology solutions based on the Norwegian language will be developed, and thereby prevent domain loss of Norwegian in technology-dependent areas (see the white paper Mål og meining – «Language and Meaning»).


The National Library of Norway participates in the Norwegian research infrastructure project CLARINO. CLARINO, a consortium of Norwegian universities and research institutions, is funded by the Research Council of Norway.

The goal of CLARINO is to realise the Norwegian part of the European CLARIN project. The ultimate goal is to make existing and future language resources readily accessible to researchers and to bring e-science to the humanities.

Examples of such resources are text corpora (large collections of digital text), collections of collected speech, digital dictionaries and databases of various types.

CLARIN is all about conservation, reuse, disclosure and sharing of research data within the humanities. The idea is that researchers at European research institutions simple possible will gain access to research resources in their own and other European countries via a joint search system; the institutions in the CLARIN network will set up services for searching their own resources, and based on the restrictions imposed on the individual resource (copyright, privacy etc.), the individual researcher will be given access to the resource by authenticating themselves via their home institution.

The primary task of The National Library in CLARINO is to act as the national coordinator for the harvesting and exchange of metadata between the Norwegian CLARINO institutions and to make these available to the total of institutions in the CLARIN network. The National Library also functions as a content provider of language resources, to the CLARIN network and others.