Access to the National Library’s digital library

The digital library contains most books published in Norway. It also contains newspapers and periodicals, manuscripts and recorded music, as well as many other Norwegian cultural heritage objects.

A lot of this is not in the public domain, and can only be accessed under certain conditions. A common condition is location, in that an object is only available to users in Norway, users visiting a Norwegian library, or users visiting the National library itself. In addition, there can be be restrictions regarding who can be granted access (eg only academic researchers) or for what purpose.

In most cases, if the object you wish to open is unavailable from your location, we cannot legally give you access to it.

There are, however, certain exceptions:

Access from abroad

Most Norwegian books published in 2005 or earlier, as well as a few periodicals, can in be made available to users abroad if certain conditions are met.

Access for the purposes of research and documentation

This access is regulated by Norwegian law, and as such does not apply outside of Norway. You can find further information here (Norwegian only).