The Collection

The National Library of Norway’s collection contains everything from books, magazines, music, film, radio and TV programmes, pictures, photographs, theatre material, maps, posters and newspapers to unique handicraft collections and special book collections.

Oria is the National Library’s catalogue of our printed and digital collections.


Large parts of the National Library of Norway’s collection are digitalised and can be viewed online. The collection can also be accessed through borrowing, exhibitions, conferences and events.


The collection comprises legally deposited documents, historic collections, deposited materials, gifts and purchased materials. The storage shall facilitate optimal lifetimes for all content. Consequently, the National Library of Norway’s work involves preventive conservation and active preservation, and restoration and production of copies.

Middle Ages to the Present

The oldest documents in the National Library of Norway’s collection are Magnus Lagabøters Landslov from the beginning of the 14th century, and Psalteriet (David’s Psalms), a prayer book from the Kvikne church in Hedmark. The oldest part of the Psalm book is believed to date from the 13th century. Together with documents from the present era, these represent important elements of a shared Norwegian cultural heritage, where all content is preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Loans to public exhibitions

The National Library holds the collections in trust for the nation. Part of our statutory obligation is to ensure the safety, security and ongoing preservation of objects within our care. The National Library may subject to such restrictions and conditions as we think necessary to safeguard our collections, lend objects to public exhibitions.

We will make assessments regarding the condition of the items and other conditions. To enable the Library to balance its overall obligations and in order to prepare the loan, we do require a formal loan request at least three months in advance of the exhibition.To prepare for this request, borrowers should contact us at this address: