International collaboration

The National Library of Norway participates in a range of international forums.


Europeana is a joint European digital library, organised by the European Library. The European digital library highlights European cultural heritage through several million digital objects displayed online. The National Library of Norway participates in Europeana.


The European Film Gateway is a website providing access to digitalised film material. The portal is a collaboration between filmarchives, the libraries and cinemas across the whole of Europe. The National Library of Norway is responsible for EFG in Norway.


The international censorship database Beacon for Freedom of Expression contains around 50,000 references to censored books, newspapers, TV and radio broadcasts and websites, as well as literature on censorship and freedom of expression. The Beacon for Freedom of Expression was conceived as a monument to various victims of censorship throughout history. The National Library of Norway manages Beacon for Freedom of Expression together with an international board.

The European project Daguerreobase

The National Library participates in the European project Daguerreobase , along with The University Library and 16 other partners from across Europe. The aim of the project is to establish an image database consisting of more than 25 000 daguerreotypes. Information and image files from this base will also be communicated via Europeana. The Daguerreobase- project started in 2012 and will be completed in 2015. The project is funded by the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP), which is part of the EU’s stimulus program for innovation and competitiveness.