Foot of the Mountain - Hunting High and Low: 25 years with a-ha

lenke til

Videos from this period

  • summer moved on (2000)
  • minor earth | major sky (2000)
  • velvet (2000)
  • I wish I cared (2000)
  • forever not yours (2002)
  • lifelines (2002)
  • did anyone approach you? (2002)
  • the sun always shines on tv - live (2003)
  • celice (2005)
  • analogue (2005)
  • cosy prisons (2006)
  • foot of the mountain (2009)
  • nothing is keeping you here (2009)
  • shadowside (2009)
  • butterfly, butterfly (the last hurrah) (2010)

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In the run-up to their performance during the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 1998, a-ha announces their comeback. "Summer Moved On" is well received at the concert, and becomes the first single from the album Minor Earth Major Sky (2000). The band's first album in seven years goes platinum in Germany and is followed by tours in both Europe and Asia.

The comeback is characterized by musical references to the organic sound of the previous decade, as well as the catchy tunes of the 1980s. Influences from the members' solo projects are discernible, also in the follow up albums Lifelines (2002) and Analogue (2005).

2009 sees the release of the album Foot of the Mountain. The production emphasizes many of the signature elements from the 1980s, such as programmed drums and synthesizers. The record does well in European charts, but a-ha announces their breakup after a large farewell tour in 2010. "Ending On A High Note Tour" encompasses 80 concerts in South and North America, Europe and Japan between March and December 2010.

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