East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Hunting High and Low: 25 years with a-ha

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  • crying in the rain (1990)
  • I call your name (1990)
  • early morning (1991)
  • I've been losing you - live (1991)
  • sycamore leaves - live (1991)
  • there's never a forever thing (1991)
  • move to Memphis (1991)
  • dark is the night (1993)
  • angel (1993)
  • shapes that go together (1994)

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By the close of the 1980s a-ha has built a sizable following in several continents. The trio's popularity in Latin America is manifested on January 26, 1991, when they perform for an audience of 200,000 during the "Rock in Rio II" festival at the Maracanã Stadium. The size of the audience earns them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In the beginning of the 1990s a-ha changes its musical course with the album East of the Sun, West of the Moon (1990), as their sound becomes more organic and guitar based. At the same time they distance themselves from their former image and take on a more grown-up visual expression. This development culminates with the album Memorial Beach (1993), which sells considerably less than their previous releases.

In 1994 a-ha takes a four year long break. After four world tours and around 20 million albums sold, the three members turn to individual projects. Morten finds success as a solo artist in Norway, as does Pål with the band Savoy, while Magne establishes himself as an artist and film composer.

Photo credits f.l: Courtesy of Warner Music, Knut Bry/www.tinagent.no, Courtesy of Warner Music