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Directory of Norwegian libraries and their ILL associates abroad
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Name: Base Bibliotek
Title: BaseBibliotek : Directory of Norwegian libraries and their ILL associates abroad
Type: Directory
Subjects: All Norwegian public, research and special libraries, university, polytechnic and folk high school and secondary school libraries, besides a great number of elementary and folk high school libraries. Also, nordic libraries that participated in the Nordic/Baltic union catalogue of serials (NOSP -2005), and other foreign libraries lending in Norway or using the National Library services.
Extension: For Norwegian libraries: Name of institution (including former name), postal address, street address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, web-address (URL), library code (including former code), subject fields, special collections, special bibliographies and documentation services. Information on libraries outside Norway is less extensive
Special search facilities:Library code, name of institution (also foreign name form), address, telephone number, e-mail address, web site, subject field (in Norwegian only), library system, subject field, county and municipality name
Updating: Daily
No of records Jan 1st: 6.382
Printed products: "Norsk samkatalog : adresseliste for samarbeidende bibliotek ..." ["Norwegian union catalogue : a directory to participating libraries ..."] (2005) and "NOSP 19XX : adresseliste til nordiske bibliotek = Directory to Nordic libraries" (2003)
CD-ROM: Library addresses for ordering are included in "Nordisk samkatalog for periodika (CDNOSP) = Nordic union catalogue of serials" (last edition: 2000, no. 1) and "Norsk samkatalog for b√łker 1983- (CDSAM) = Norwegian union catalogue of books 1983-" (last edition: 2000, nr 2)
Availability: Open to the general public
Web address:
Data source: National Library of Norway
Contact address: National Library of Norway
Acquisition and Bibliographic Services
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Tel.: +47.810 01 300

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