Norsk talespråkskorpus - OslodelenSpråk i Oslo. Ny forskning omkring talespråk.NoTa-taggeren: TAGGEVEILEDNINGTagging a Norwegian Speech CorpusManuell morfologisk tagging av NoTa-materialet med støtte fra en statistisk tagger.Transkripsjonsveiledning for NoTa-Oslo

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Oppdatert: 2017-06-08

NoTa-Oslo is a speech corpus with interviews and conversations from 166 informants born and raised in Oslo and the Oslo area. The informants are carefully selected w.r.t. sociolinguistic variables and therefore representative in terms of age, gender, place of residence and education. NoTa-Oslo consists of approx. 900 000 words that are orthographically transcribed and morphologically tagged. The corpus is searchable in a specially designed search interface, and the transcriptions are linked to audio and video files.

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