Glossa (new version)

Clarino - Textlab

Lisens: MIT license

Oppdatert: 2017-06-08

Glossa is a tool for researchers who want to search linguistically annotated corpora. Glossa is designed to make it easy for researchers to:

- create complex searches

- explore the result via e.g. maps and dynamically generated representations of spectrograms,

- create statistics based on the result sets

Glossa can be used for both monolingual and multilingual corpora, and for written and spoken language (including audio and video). No installation of software or downloading of the corpus is required in order to use the search interface; the program is entirely online and can be used through a standard web browser.

The new version is easy to install if you want to use it for your own corpora, both on servers and personal computers and will support CLARIN federated content search.

The new Glossa version is undergoing heavy development, and some parts of the functionality of the old version are still missing from the new one.

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