Wordlists from The Language Council of Norway

CLARINO NB – Språkbanken

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Oppdatert: 2016-02-03

The Language Council of Norway has compiled various types of word lists. Språkbanken has put these into a database, version 1 and 2 as tab seperated texts and version 3 as xml. We appreciate your feedback if you detect any errors.

The word lists can be used only for linguistic and language technology research and development. Copyright belongs to The Language Council of Norway, and must always be credited.

Following lists are published here: Navn på språk, navn på stater, navn på statsorganer, Ordtilfanget i nynorske ordlister, Personnemningar til stadnamn i Noreg, Geografiske namn, Historiske navn, Administrativ ordliste, Forkortinger.

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