Conferences and seminars at the National Library 2018

CLARINO NB – Språkbanken

Lisens: Creative_Commons-ZERO (CC-ZERO)

Oppdatert: 2019-06-21

This resource contains sound recordings of various conferences and seminars held at the National Library of Norway in 2018. The recordings have been done with a microphone mounted at the speaker chair, or with a "mosquito" microphone attached to the speaker's head. The language spoken is Norwegian, with a variety of dialects represented. The recordings have taken place in two different rooms. The quality and voice strength may differ across the recordings and internally in a single recording. There may be a period of silence or some undefined noise in the beginning of the recordings.

The audio files are in wav format, and there are one or more files per recording. The files have been packed and zipped into one single file for download. The filename indicates the date for the event in question. For an overview of the content, file size, etc., see the pdf file (2018_nb_arr.pdf).

We make these recordings available in the hope that they will benefit language technology research and development.

We appreciate any kind of feedback on the usefulness and applicability of these recordings. Please send feedback to

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