Translation memories from Amesto Translations AS

CLARINO NB – Språkbanken

Lisens: Creative_Commons-ZERO (CC-ZERO)

Oppdatert: 2019-05-09

Translation memories provided to the National Library of Norway from Amesto Translations AS. The translations have been done on behalf of various public agencies and institutions. The sentences in the texts have been randomized. The format is tmx. In total, the resource consists of some 375.000 translation units (sentences, headings etc.).

Translation pairs:

- English %gt; Norwegian Bokmål - 50.000 TUs, 19 files

- Norwegian Bokmål > English - 295.000 TUs, 39 files

- Norwegian Bokmål > Norwegian Nynorsk - 30.000 TUs, 14 files

- Norwegian Nynorsk > English - 22 TUs, 1 file

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