Recording of a public defense in Norwegian Sign Language (NTS)

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Oppdatert: 2016-02-03

Recording of a public defense in Norwegian Sign Language. Cand. Polit. Hilde Haualand, Department of Social Anthropology, defends her thesis for the degree Ph.D .: "Interpreting Ideals and relaying Rights - A Comparative Study of Video Interpreting Services in Norway, Sweden and the United States". The public defense is conducted in Norwegian Sign Language (NTS) and interpreted into spoken English. Hilde Haualand is the first deaf person who has defended her doctoral thesis in Norwegian Sign Language at a Norwegian university.

The film is divided into two files that show the defense from different angles: In hilde.ogg the camera is mainly on the candidate, in tolk.ogg, the camera is mainly on the NTS-interpreters. The file tolk.ogg contains the entire public defense, whereas hilde.ogg only contains the second half of the ceremony. We apologize for the poor sound in parts of the recordings.

In some parts of the film, the picture is removed due to privacy considerations. One can hear and/ or see the following participants: candidate Hilde Haualand, head of ceremony Professor Ingjerd Hoëm, first opponent Professor Christina Garsten, second opponent Professor Emeritus Stuart Blume, supervisor Professor Halvard Vike, the interpreters Marianne Michelet, Vibeke Bø, Guri Amundsen and Torill Ringsø, writing interpreters Janne Skovgaard Bjotveit and Henning Rodtwitt.

The film is published in the open file format Ogg / Theora and can be opened in VLC or Firefox / Chrome.

All use except private consumption has to be approved by Hilde Haualand (hilde.haualand[at]

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