NB Tale - a basic acoustic phonetic speech database for Norwegian

CLARINO NB – Språkbanken

Lisens: Creative_Commons-ZERO (CC-ZERO)

Oppdatert: 2016-02-25

NB Tale is a basic acoustic phonetic speech database for Norwegian. The database contains recordings of 380 speakers from 24 different dialect areas. The database is produced by Lingit AS.

The databases consists of three modules:

1) Manuscript-read speech from 240 speakers (all native speakers of Norwegian): audio recordings, phonotypical annotation, informant data and documentation

2) Extension of module 1, 140 new speakers (20 native speakers, 120 with Norwegian as foreign language)

3) spontaneous speech from speakers in module 1 and 2, ca. 2 minutes, orthographically annotated on sentence-level

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