The Norwegian-Spanish Parallel Corpus

CLARINO Bergen Centre


Oppdatert: 2016-06-02

The Norwegian Spanish Parallel Corpus (NSPC) was created by Lidun Hareide at the University of Bergen, Norway, and is formally owned by University of Bergen, Faculty of Arts. The corpus is primarily constructed for research in Translation Studies, and is built to be roughly comparable to the Spanish-English P-ACTRES corpus. The NSPC is a parallel, unidirectional translation corpus of contemporary Norwegian written texts translated into Spanish, published between 2000 and 2009. It contains fiction and non-fiction, and each text is classified according to genre, the author's gender and the gender and mother tongue of the translator.


The corpus is searchable via the corpus search tool Corpuscle.

It is downloadable from the CLARINO Bergen centre at the University Library of Bergen.

It is licensed on a CLARIN ACA license both in downloadable and web-searchable form.

SEARCH In Corpuscle: Write for instance: "jobber" >i "trabaje"

in the search field in the concordance window (left hand menu), then select Type=aligned-kontekst. See also the Documentation page under "Query language" in the left hand menu.

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