Proceedings of Norwegian parliamentary debates (2008-2015)


Lisens: Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD)

Oppdatert: 2016-02-17

The treebank "Proceedings of Norwegian parliamentary debates (2008-2015)" is a collection of transcriptions of Norwegian parliamentary debates between 2008 and 2015, downloaded from

Each sentence has the following metadata which is searchable in the INESS search system:

(1) language variety - Norwegian bokmål (nob) or Norwegian nynorsk (nno), based on the automatic recognition of language variety, implemented by Paul Meurer at Uni Research Computing. There are also some transcriptions from speeches in English and Danish.

(2) Speaker's name

(3) Date and time

(4) Political party to which the speaker belongs

(5) Type of contribution (e.g. 'hovedinnlegg' [main contribution] or 'replikk' [reply]).

As of January 28 2016, there are 725 texts from this material in INESS, which are currently being preprocessed (i.e. unknown words are registered prior to parsing).

AVAILABILITY: the material is searchable via the corpus workbench Corpuscle. Via the treebank portal INESS ( you can search in sentence analyses from the material.

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