ASK - The Norwegian Second Language Corpus (treebank)



Oppdatert: 2016-02-10

"ASK - The Norwegian Second Language Corpus (treebank)" gives sentence analyses of a subset of the texts available in the ASK corpus ( ASK is an electronic, searchable text corpus of Norwegian as a second language, with links between linguistic data and personal data, created by the Norwegian Second Language Corpus project (ASK).

The corpus contains written texts produced by language learners from ten different language backgrounds: German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Albanian, Vietnamese and Somali. The size of the corpus and the flexible query system make it possible to develop a new methodological approach to the study of transfer when the L2 is Norwegian.

The selection of texts is primarily based on the native language of the test takers, and the typological distribution of these languages is taken into consideration. A corpus of Norwegian as a second language makes it possible to use quantitative methods in second language research, and provides a basis for pedagogical developments.

ACCESS: Four texts of the material have been uploaded and parsed as a small treebank in INESS. The.full ASK corpus is available in searchable form via the corpus search engine Corpuscle (see links in metadata). One can enter the ASK corpus directly via the Corpuscle main page, or using a direct link to this specific corpus via the ASK project page.

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