META-NORD Icelandic Sofie Treebank


Lisens: unspecified

Oppdatert: 2015-10-06

The Icelandic part of the META-NORD Sofie Parallel Treebank. This is a syntactically annotated parallel corpus based on the first chapters of the novel “Sofies verden” (Sophie's World) by Jostein Gaarder, published by Aschehoug forlag. The treebank consists of grammatical annotations of extracts from the Icelandic translation of the novel, originally created as part of the Nordic Treebanking Network and now included in the extended META-NORD Sofie Parallel Treebank. The novel was translated by Adalheidur Steingrimsdottir and the translation published by Forlagið. For more information, see the metadata description of the META-NORD Sofie Parallel Treebank.

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