Text material from Forskning.no (1998 - 2012)

Clarino UiB


Oppdatert: 2016-02-12

Data set containing texts from the popular science website forskning.no. The text material is constituted by articles published by Forskning.no belonging to the following three categories:

1) Articles written by journalists employed at forskning.no

2) Articles written by member institutions of forskning.no (76 universities, colleges, research centers, research departments in government agencies and more). These articles are written by staff journalists, information officers and other non-academic staff. Each article has been edited by forskning.no.

3) Articles from the newsdesk NRK Viten, with whom forskning.no cooperates. These articles are written by NRK journalists.

Forskning.no kindly makes this material available in CLARINO as downloadable XML to promote language research. CLARINO's agreement also includes the permission to use future articles to be published by forskning.no; as of October 2015, however, the newest downloadable text is from October 2012.

ACCESS: the material is available in downloadable form at the CLARINO Bergen Centre and in searchable form at Corpuscle (see links in metadata). Corpuscle allows you to pass queries to the corpus, and you may ask for concordances, collocations and distribution.

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