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Oppdatert: 2016-02-12

The Menotec collection in INESS contains four central manuscripts in Old Norwegian (although the ISO language code is termed “Old Norse”): The Old Norwegian Homily Book in AM 619 4to (ca. 1200–1225), the legendary saga of St Olaf in Upps DG 8 II (ca. 1225–1250), Strengleikar in Upps DG 4–7 4to (ca. 1270) and the Law of Magnus the Lawmender in Holm perg 34 4to (ca. 1275–1300).

Menotec was an infrastructure project funded by the Norwegian Research Council (2010–2012) with the aim of transcribing and annotating a corpus of Old Norwegian texts.

The texts in the Menotec collection in INESS have been annotated morphologically (adding the lemma and the grammatical form of each word) and syntactically; the syntactic annotation is based on dependency analysis, as this has been developed in the PROIEL project.

The transcribed texts are published in the Medieval Nordic Text Archive (MENOTA). The annotated texts are published in the treebank of the PROIEL project, and are accessible through the INESS portal.

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