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Welcome to the Norwegian ISBN Agency!

The Norwegian ISBN Agency is situated at the National Library of Norway. The Agency cooperates closely with the International ISBN Agency. The Agency assigns international standard book numbers to Norwegian publishers of books and similar publications (including electronic material).
Similar numbering systems for periodicals and music scores are handled by
ISSN Norway and the Norwegian ISMN Agency.

What is ISBN and how is it used?
User`s Manual, 4th edition, from the International ISBN Agency.

Changes to ISBN - revision of the standard
Guidelines for the Implementation of 13-Digit ISBNs (pdf)
ISO-Project 2108: on revision of the International Standard Book Number
"Frequently asked questions about changes to the ISBN"

Internet resources from the Norwegian ISBN Agency
Norwegian ISBN directory (Norwegian publishers)

Other Internet resources from the Norwegian National Library
Norwegian national bibliography - Books
Norwegian union catalogue of monographs

Contact address
The Norwegian ISBN Agency
Att.: Eva Kathrine Holst
National Library of Norway
NO-8607 Mo i Rana
Telephone: + 47 75 12 11 48
Telefax: + 47 75 12 12 22

Opening hours:
Monday-friday kl. 09.00-14.30


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