Galleri NOR 
A non-commercial image bank with photographs of historical value, presented by the National Library.

Theater photographs
From this page you can go to the Galleri NOR home page, or you can activate a ready made search for theater photographs in that image bank. There are 313 photographs of theatrical productions in the bank. The National Library of Norway informs you that some of the images are of rather low quality, and these will be improved.

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Anders Beer Wilse, photographer (1865 - 1949)
The theater photographs in the Galleri NOR were made by Anders B. Wilse, who is regarded among Norway's most important photographers. The majority of his picture archive, 110 000 negatives and 40 000 original positives, now resides at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. In addition, there are smaller archives at the Oslo City Museum, The Norwegian Maritime Museum and the National Library of Norway. The Rana Division of the National Library has worked with the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History to preserve and make accessible the Wilse Archives at the Museum, and it is these photographs that can now be seen in the Gallery NOR.

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