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The Annual Ibsen Lecture: Imagining Ibsen

2. desember kl. 18:00 - 20:00 Gratis inngang


The Centre for Ibsen Studies at the University of Oslo is pleased to invite all interested parties to the 2021 edition of the Annual Ibsen Lecture. In this lecture Tore Rem and Narve Fulsås will revisit their work on Ibsen. They will ask how the Ibsen phenomenon was possible and suggest that certain resources of the periphery helped make Ibsen “the Father of Modern Drama”. Fulsås and Rem will also reflect on what this year’s publication, Ibsen in Context (Cambridge University Press), contributes to the field, and on what it says about the current state of Ibsen scholarship.

Tore Rem is professor of English literature at the University of Oslo, Director of the UiO:Nordic research initiative and author of several non-fiction books.

Narve Fulsås is professor of History at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway and one of the editors of Henrik Ibsens skrifter, Ibsen’s collected works. On Ibsen, Rem and Fulsås have published together Ibsen, Scandinavia, and the Making of a World Drama (Cambridge University Press, 2017) and edited Ibsen in Context (Cambridge University press, 2021).

The Annual Ibsen Lecture is a yearly public initiative organized by the Centre for Ibsen Studies at the University of Oslo. The Annual Ibsen Lecture is an international series of lectures that are aimed  and will be streamed to a global audience, and are therefore held in English.

Admission is free and open for all.

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