25–27 September 2019, National Library of Norway, Oslo

Conference: Literary Citizenship

LitCit’s concluding conference will be held at the National Library of Norway in September 2019.

Keynote speakers: Roger Chartier (Paris; Pennsylvania), Ann Thomson (Florence) and Daniel Bellingradt (Erlangen)

Organising committee: Ruth Hemstad (National Library of Norway), Janicke S. Kaasa (University of Oslo), Ellen Krefting (University of Oslo) and Marit Sjelmo (National Library of Norway)

Call for Papers is closed (see full Call for Papers here).

See Preliminary Programme

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19 September, National Library of Norway, Oslo

Book and bibliography launch

Book launch of the LitCit project’s edited volume, Litterære verdensborgere. Transnasjonale perspektiver på norsk bokhistorie 1519–1850 (Literary Citizens. Transnational perspectives on Norwegian Book History 1519–1850), edited by Aasta M.B. Bjørkøy, Ruth Hemstad, Aina Nøding and Anne Birgitte Rønning.

The volume is published in Nota bene, Studies from the National Library of Norway (available in Norwegian only).

Beta release of the online retrospective bibliography Norske bøker 1519–1850 (Norwegian Books 1519–1850).

Comments by Associate Professor Jens Bjerring-Hansen, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen and Associate Professor Anna Bohlin, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen.

22 May 2019, National Library of Norway

Book history seminar 2019

23 May 2019, National Library of Norway

Book history workshop 2019

 29–30 April 2019, Schæffergården, Copenhagen

Politics of books: Negotiating identity, print, and the public sphere

Workshop for participants and network, focusing on WP4: politics of books: Negotiating identity, print, and the public sphere

Guest lecturers: Thomas Munck (Glasgow), Jes Fabricius Møller and Ulrik Langen (Copenhagen)

Co-organized by Ellen Krefting and Ruth Hemstad

Full programme here

25 March 2019, National Library, 3.00 p.m.–5.00 p.m.

Periodicals and Literature

Guest Lecture by Gustav Frank, Adj. Professor in Modern German Literature at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich

Organized in cooperation with Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo.

20-21 September 2018, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venice

Moving Books: trade and media transformations

Workshop for participants and network, focusing on WP 3: the transnational, European book market and periodicals.

Guest lecturers: Angela Fabris (Klagenfurt) og Giuliano d’Amico (Oslo)

Co-organized by Angela Fabris and Aina Nøding.

Full programme here.

25 May 2018, The National Library, 9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.

Workshop: Book bindings and decorative papers

Organized by research librarians Anne Eidsfelt and Nina Hesselberg-Wang, and paper maker and author Susanne Krause. (The workshop is held in Norwegian.)

Full programme here. 

24 May 2018, The National Library, 9.30 a.m.-3.30 p.m.

Book history seminar 2018

Nation building, publishers and readers 1850-1925

This year’s seminar addresses the development of a Norwegian book market in relation to structural, technological, political and linguistic changes to the book market. Papers deal with new forms of book binding, bibliography, publishing houses, mass reading and literacy.   

Seminar organizers are research librarians Anne Eidsfeldt, Øivind Berg and Anne Kristin Lande. (The seminar is held in Norwegian.)

Two LitCit participants contribute:

  • 12.35 p.m. Narve Fulsås, UiT: Nasjonaliseringa av norsk litteratur: biografi, bibliografi og bokmål
  • 1.05 p.m. Jon Haarberg, UiO: «Hjemkjøpet» av Gyldendal og «de fire store» i 1925

Full programme here.

23 May 2018, The National Library, 2-3 p.m.

Books as social media: a history of reading

Reading has traditionally been an integral part of social and domestic life. How did it shape people’s lives and continue to do so?

Professor of Comparative Literature Karin Kukkonen (Oslo/LitCit), talks to Professor of English Abigail Williams (Oxford) about Williams’ latest book, The Social Life of Books (2017).

1-2 June 2017

Book history seminar and workshop, Auditoriet, The National Library, Oslo

The topic of this annual seminar at The National Library will be the period 1800–1850. 2 June there will be a workshop on printed illustrations. Seminar organizers are Anne Eidsfeldt, Øivind Berg and Anne Kristin Lande.

31 May 2017

Workshop for participants and network, The National Library, Oslo

The workshop is organized around WP 2, headed by Gina Dahl. The topic is Early Modern popular reading and the rise of new readerships.

17 November 2016

Slottsbiblioteket, The National Library, Oslo

Education, religion and literacy: Workshop, lecture and exhibition

  • 10.00-15.00: Workshop for project participants
  • 15.00–16.00: Open lecture: Charlotte Appel on the history of Danish education

The History of Danish Education is a major, award-winning work, covering the cultural history of learning and the education system from medieval times to the 1970s. Book historian Charlotte Appel, lecturer in History at Aarhus University, is one of its editors and will present some of the projects methods and results (The lecture will be given in Danish).

  • Exhibition: A small exhibition of Norwegian children’s books, catechisms and other religious works will be on display during the day.