Exhibition at the National Library of Norway - Hunting High and Low: 25 years with a-ha

lenke til nb.no
October 20, 2010 - January 29, 2011
National Library of Norway
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The exhibition

One of the most extensive a-ha exhibitions ever. Comprising music videos, un-released recordings, photos, interviews, bizarre tickets - you name it!

Come on over and experience for yourself...

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Digital exhibition in the Mediatek

The sun always shines on TV

How were music videos communicated on Norwegian TV back in the 80's? We show clips from Norwegian pop music programs.

The Screening Room

Screening recordings from BBC, NRK and various award presentations.

link to adventure (77-83)
link to takeonme (84-85)
link to swing (85-89)
link to eastwest (90-99)
link to mountain (00-10)