To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Alf Prøysen, the National Library of Norway is proud to present the exhibition Pop! Alf Prøysen on all channels.

"Radio, the record industry and TV have carried Prøysen’s work across the land and made it understood,” maintained the editor of Magasinet for alle, Nils Johan Rud, in a radio essay about the writer and musician in 1971. In doing so, he highlighted a major prerequisite for Alf Prøysen’s popularity: the explosion in media technology in the 1950s.

The modern media gave Prøysen a direct channel of communication with the public. It is perhaps only when we study the dynamic staging of Prøysen’s works in various media that we understand his unique position as a popular artist and writer.

The exhibition will run until 31 January 2015

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