Nils Larsen Dahl and family. Wife Ingeborg. Children: Louis, seated (father of Walter Dahl), Tina (standing), Bertha, seated front, Emma and Ida (with doll). Nels Dahl, brother of photographer Andreas Larsen Dahl, in front of their Main Street home (now Deforest). DeForest Wiscinsin, 1873-79.

Photographed persons:

Dahl, Bertha
Dahl, Emma
Dahl, Ida
Dahl, Ingeborg
Dahl, Louis
Dahl, Nils Larsen
Dahl, Tina


Dahl, Andreas Larsen
(Born: 1844 - Dead: 1923 - Occupation: Pastor, Photographer - Further information: Andreas (Andrew) Larsen Dahl, born 1844 in Skrautvål, Valdres, emigrated to Wisconsin in 1868. During the 1870s he was a traveling photographer, primarily in Dane county, Wisconsin and neighboring counties. His photographs are of exceptional quality regarding both choice of motifs and technique. Dahl stopped taking pictures in 1883 when he was ordained as a Lutheran pastor. He was a dedicated minister during the next 40 years of his life. Dahl died in 1923, and his surviving photographs are now in the collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.)

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Wisconsin, USA




State Historical Society of Wisconsin - Andrew Dahl Collection

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