Portrait of Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen (1848-1895). Boyesen, who in 1881 became professor of Germanic languages at Columbia University in New York, exploited the popularity of Scandinavian literature for his own benefit, but in doing so also released creative forces in his own compatriots in America. In 1874 he published a peasant idyll under the title "Gunnar", written for an American audience.

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Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth
(Born: 1848 - Dead: 1895 - Occupation: Journalist, Author - Further information: Born: Fredriksvern (Stavern), Vestfold; Univ. of Kristiania (Oslo) (BA 1869); imm. 1869; asst. ed. Fremad, Chic. 1869-70; tutor in Greek and Latin, Urbana, Ohio Univ. 1870-73; studied in Europe 1873-74; asst. professor of North European Languages, Corness Univ. 1874-77; professor of German and asst. Professor of North European languages, same 1877-80; Columbia Univ. 1881-90; professor of Germanic languages and literature, same 1881-95.)




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