Portrait of Elling Eielsen (1804-1883). Eielsen was from the farm Sundve at Voss and arrived in the Fox River settlement in the fall of 1839, after having emigrated the same year. Eielsen's great accomplishment was to establish a low-church organization within the Lutheran free-church movement among Norwegian immigrants. In 1843, at the wish of his followers, he let himself be ordained by a German Lutheran pastor, F.A. Hoffman. Elling Eielsen's Synod was to bear his name.

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Eielsen, Elling
(Further information: Born: Voss; lay preacher 1832-39; imm. 1839; lay preacher 1839-43; Luth. Pastor 1843-83; founder and president Den evangelisk-lutherake kirke i America- Elling's synod.)




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