Portrait of Claus Lauritz Clausen (1820-1892). The first Norwegian Lutheran congregation that came out of the state-church tradition was organized in Muskego, December 14, 1843, by Claus Lauritz Clausen, who was born on the island of Ærø in Denmark in 1820, the son of a merchant. He became the first shepherd for the two hundred souls in the congregation. Clausen was a sensitive and humane person who assumed a multitude of duties, as pastor and missionary, publisher and settlement organizer.

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Clausen, Claus Lauritz
(Born: 1820.11.03 - Dead: 1892 - Occupation: Pastor - Further information: Born: Ærøl, Denmark; lay preacher; to Drammen, Norway 1841; lay preacher; imm. 1843; Luth. pastor 1843-56; 1859-72; 1875-85; Justice of Peace, St. Ansgar, Iowa and member of Iowa legislature 1856; Commissioner of immigration 1856-59; chaplain, 15. Wis. Regt. in the Civil War 1861-62; Iowa delegate to Paris exposition 1867; ed. Maanedstidende, Racine, Wis. 1851-52; Emigranten, Inmansville, Rock Co., Wis. 1852-53.)




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