Portrait of Unitarian clergyman Kristofer Janson. As an ordained minister, he came to Minneapolis in November 1881 to work among Scandinavians. The liberal elite welcomed him. He stayed in the city until 1893, for twelve years, before moving back to Norway. During this period he was a distinctive figure in the Norwegian colony and wrote several novels and short stories often attacking the orthodoxy of the Norwegian Synod. His home became a cultural center, and it was here, as Janson's secretary, that the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun got his impressions of American cultural life, which he later censured with such force.

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Janson, Kristofer Nagel
(Born: 1841.05.05 - Dead: 1917.11.17 - Occupation: Pastor, Author - Further information: Norw. author; in America 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-93; ed. Saamanden; et religiøst Maanedsskrift 1-7. Minneap. 1887/88 - 1893/94.)


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