Portrait of Anders Beer Wilse. Photographed by Boyd and Braas, Photographic Studio, 614 Front Street, Seattle, during the early 1890s. Wilse emigrated to the United States and started his photographic career while working as a railroad engineer. He returned to Norway in 1900. He won his fame for eminent landscape photography.

Photographed persons:

Wilse, Anders Beer
(Born: 1865 - Dead: 1949 - Occupation: Engineer, Photographer - Further information: Anders Beer Wilse, born 1865 in Flekkefjord, Norway, emigrated to America in 1884 and worked in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest as railroad construction engineer. He bought his first camera in Minneapolis in 1886, mainly to take photographs of blueprint drawings, but he also took pictures of work sites, immigrants, and native Americans on his way westward. Working for some years as a land surveyor in Seattle (the city needed rebuilding after a fire and flooding), Wilse began working as a full time photographer. Wilse returned to Norway in 1900 where he became a successful and well-known photographer of major importance. Wilse's photographs taken in the USA (glass plate negatives) are in the Historical Society of Seattle and King County, Washington, and in the Historical Photography Collection at the University of Washington. His Norwegian photographs are at the Norwegian Folk Museum (landscapes), the Oslo City Museum (Oslo photographs) and the National Library (portraits). Original glass plate negatives and film negatives are stored at Mo i Rana. Wilse died in 1949.)

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