Portrait of Nils Nilsen Rønning. From "Norsk-Amerikanernes Festskrift 1914", utgitt i Decorah, Iowa, 1914. Rønning was born in Bø in Telemark May 19, 1870. After he emigrated to America, he lived for the most part in Minneapolis. Rønning was both a journalist and an author. He was editor of "Ungdommens Ven" for 15 years.

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Rønning, Nils Nilsen
(Born: 1870 - Dead: 1962 - Occupation: Journalist, Author - Further information: B. Bø, Telemark; imm. 1887; Red Wing Sem. 1887-92; Univ. of Minnesota 1892-96 (BA, MA); journalist and author, Minneapolis, Minn., ed. "Ungdommens Ven", Mpls 1899-1916; "Familiens Magasin", Mpls 1916- ; "The North Star", Mpls 1917-22; "The Friend", Mpls 1924- ; "Norgesposten", 1926.)


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