Portrait of Brynild Anundsen. Publisher of the Norwegian-American newspaper "Decorah-Posten", once the largest Norwegian language newspaper in the world. Widely respected for its notable quality. Founded in 1874; ceased publication in 1973. From "Norsk-Amerikanernes Festskrift 1914", published in Decorah, Iowa, 1914.

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Anundsen, Brynild
(Born: 1844 - Dead: 1913 - Occupation: Editor, Printer - Further information: Born: Skien; imm. 1864 to La Crosse, Wis.; private in the Civil War 1864-65; having learned the printers trade in Norway he worked in Emigranten and Fædrelandet to 1866, when he established Ved Arnen 1866-70 and Fra Fjærnt og Nær 1869-70; he moved to Decorah, Iowa, where he in 1874 started Decorah Posten, which he published to his death.)




Nasjonalbiblioteket, avdeling Oslo - Norsk-am. saml.

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