Drawing of Johan Reinert Reiersen. Editor of the reform newspaper "Christianssandsposten, "Reiersen spoke enthusiastically about America and encouraged emigration. In 1843 he set out for America to study conditions there as the representative of some people who wanted to emigrate, and upon his return to Norway in 1844 he published "Veiviser for norske emigranter til De forenede nordamerikanske stater og Texas "(Pathfinder for Norwegian Emigrants to the United States and Texas).

Photographed persons:

Reiersen, Johan Reinert
(Born: 1810 - Dead: 1864 - Further information: B. Vestre Moland, Aust-Agder; BA (Oslo) 1832; in Denmark and Germany 1832-39; ed. Christiansands-Posten 1839-43; in America 1843-44; imm. 1845; founder of the Prairieville (Brownsboro) settlement, Henderson Co., Texas; ed. Phønix; et Ugeblad for Dannede. No. 1. Copenhagen 1837; Magazin for Natur- og Menneskekundskab. 1, no. 1-26. Copenhagen 1837; Norge og Amerika. 1. Arendal 1845-46.)




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