Portrait of Norwegian-American writer Hans Andersen Foss. After having edited newspapers, among them "Nordmanden" in North Dakota, Foss became a grain inspector for the state of Minnesota. Foss wrote several novels including "Husmands-gutten "(The Cotter's Son) which was first serialized in the paper "Decorah-Posten. "His later novels frequently become moralizing expressions of the author's two major causes: prohibition and the Populist party.

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Foss, Hans Andersen
(Born: 1851.11.25 - Dead: 1929.07.09 - Occupation: Merchant, Author, Farmer - Further information: Born: Modum; store clerk and storekeeper; imm. 1887; farming in Minn. 1887-93; 1886-87 ed. of the temperance paper "Dakota Bladet," Portland, N.D.; 1888-93 ed. "Normanden," Grand Forks, N.D.; 1894-95 ed. "Nye Normanden," Moorhead, Minn.; 1905-06 ed. "Kvindens Magasin"; 1906 representative for grain dealer Atwood-Larsons in Minot, N.D.)