Portrait of Norwegian-American authoress Dorthea Dahl who wrote both in Norwegian and in English. She published in 1915 the simple depictions of "Hverdagslivet "(Everyday Life). In 1920 she wrote "Returning Home", and then in 1925 went back to the Norwegian language with "Byen paa bjerget"(The City on the Hill).

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Dahl, Dorthea
(Born: 1881 - Occupation: Author - Further information: Born: Osen, ěsterdal; imm. 1883; 1 year in NY; 1 year in Minn.; homestead in Day Co., S.D. 1885-1903; S.D. normal school, later St. Olaf Coll. 1902; worked on the staff of Jul i Vesterheimen and Lutheraneren; wrote numerous short stories in magazines.)