The pioneer in the Norwegian labor movement, Marcus Thrane 1817-90). Photograph by L. Schmidt, 302 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. May have been taken in the mid-1870s. Thrane emigrated to America in 1863 following his defeats in Norway, where he continued his career as a journalist. In 1866 the Norwegian Synod had felt sufficiently threatened to issue "A Warning to all Christians," which condemned his socialistic ideas, but the writings he put out in Chicago actually reached only a small number of fellow socialists. He published a satirical depiction of the visit of the Norwegian man-of-letters Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson which he called "Den gamle Wisconsin-bibelen" (The Old Wisconsin Bible). It was mainly directed against the church leaders in the Synod; the book's wit and striking satire assured it a wide distribution.

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Thrane, Marcus
(Born: 1817 - Dead: 1890 - Occupation: Politician, Leader of labour movement - Further information: Born Oslo; BA Oslo 1840; teacher; started the first socialistic labor movement in Norway 1849; ed. "Arbeider-Foreningernes Blad", Drammen and Oslo 1849-50; publisher 1851; arrested 1851 and sentenced to convict labor; released 1858; photographer 1858-63; imm. 1863; journalist and lecturer; in Chicago 1866-82; in Norway 1882-83; in Eau Claire, Wis. 1885-90; ed. "Marcus Thrane's Norske Amerikaner", Chicago 1866; "Dagslyset", Chicago 1869-73, 1875-78.)



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