Portrait of Agnes Mathilde Wergeland. Wergeland emigrated to America to study because there were no opportunities for women in higher education in Norway. She later became professor of history at Wyoming State University. Photograph taken by Sidney L. Webb in Berkeley, California during the summer of 1913. From "Glimt fra Agnes Mathilde Wergelands liv" (Glimpses from the Life of Agnes Mathilde Wergeland) by Maren Michelet, published in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1916.

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WŠrgeland, Agnes Mathilde
(Further information: Born Oslo; Univ. of Munich 1884-86 (history and Germanic law with Konrad Maurer); Univ. of Z÷urich (PhD 1890); imm. 1890; fellow and reader in history and history of art, Bryn Mawr Coll. 1890-93; lecturer and instructor, Univ. of Chicago 1895- 1902; professor of history and French (later Spanish), Univ. of Wyoming 1902-14.)



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Berkeley, California




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