Portrait of Aasta Hansteen (1824-1908) taken by photographer A. Moestue in Christiania in 1863. Hansteen, also trained as an artist in Düsseldorf, was a Norwegian feminist and the great pioneer for the women's cause in Norway. She wrote numerous newspaper and magazine articles and flyers in which she demanded respect for women and in which she lashed out at male chauvinism and the dominant Old Testament and Pauline theological views of women. Disappointed and harrassed she left for America in 1880, but upon her return in 1889 discovered that her ideas were wielding influence in the reestablished feminist movement.

Photographed persons:

Hansteen, Aasta
(Born: 1824.12.10 - Dead: 1908 - Occupation: Painter, Feminist - Further information: In America 1880-89 in Boston and Chicago.)


Moestue, A.

Related places:

Christiania, Norge




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