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Steam engine owned by the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Company in the little village Middleton in Dane County, Wisconsin, 1873. The local station master, Samuel Barber, is the fifth person from the left. Photographer Andreas Larsen Dahl photographed local inhabitants and landscapes in the area.



Photograph probably taken in western part of Dane County, Wisconsin. Ca. 1873-1879.



Reunion of Norwegian-American Civil War veterans, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa 1880.



A hay-mowing crew takes a break in the field in front of the Halvor Nerison Hauge farm, Christiania Township, Dane County, Wisconsin, ca. 1874. Hauge immigrated to Dane County i 1844, spent some time in California during the gold rush, and served as a justice of the peace for eight years. The photo appears to be staged, maybe to show off the new mower, and a young woman has brought lunch to the workmen "working" in the field.



Meeting of the Moscow Lęseselskab (reading society), Moscow, Iowa County, Wisconsin, ca. 1876. When railroad construction finally reached the area of Moscow, it bypassed Moscow itself. Within a decade, both the town and its prestigious Norwegian library association were no more. Rasmus Anderson and perhaps even Ole Bull had spoken to the group in its heyday.



Dedication of the East Blue Mounds Norwegian Lutheran Church, Dane County, Wisconsin 1876. An indication of the great importance attached to this event is the fact that hundreds of parishoners attended even though it took place on a weekday. Pastor Abraham Jacobson sits in the front row (without a clerical collar).



The Halvor Nerison Hauge farm, Christiania Township, Dane County, Wisconsin, ca. 1874. Photographer Andreas Larsen Dahl entitled this view "An American Farm Yard" in his 1876 catalog of photographs. Hauge had become a prominent dairy farmer and eventually established a cooperative cheese factory on his property.



Photographer Andreas Larsen Dahl with his wagon, which he used as a darkroom, in front of the State Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin, ca. 1873-79. Flag on side of wagon is a souvenir of the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition.



Syttende Mai celebration, location unknown, ca. 1877. The flag is the union flag when Norway was still under Sweden. A croquet game has been set up and a young man in the front row has a mallet resting on his hip.



The Reque and Lee families of Deerfield Township, Dane County, Wisconsin, ca. 1874. This massive sandstone house was built in 1850 by Sjur Starkson Reque on his 560 acre farm.



Dining table at the dedication of the East Blue Mounds Church, Dane County, Wisconsin, ca. 1876.



Norwegian-American wedding outside the old Norway Grove Church, rural DeForest, Wisconsin, ca. 1875. The bridal couple and guests are dressed according to American custom. Church weddings were common even for those who did not formally belong to the congregation.



A typical "tableau" by photographer Andreas Larsen Dahl. Two men in the center are holding and pointing to what appears to be a ledger book, a symbol of business activity.



Pastor Herman Amberg Preus and his family at the first Spring Prairie parsonage, Columbia County, Wisconsin. In 1853, Preus was one of seven founders of the Norwegian Lutheran Synod in Wisconsin and served as its president for thirty-two years. Photographer Andreas Larsen Dahl was a member of his congregation and often made photographs of the Preus family as well as Synod meetings. Descendants of Preus are today major national figures in the Lutheran Church.



Pastor Andreas Larsen Dahl. Dahl was ordained a Lutheran pastor in 1883 and continued as a pastor until his death in 1923. Studio portrait taken in Boston by Champlain Studios, ca. 1910.



Interior of Perry Lutheran Church pasonage. Home of Rev. Abraham and Nicoline Jacobson. Viewed are rocking chair, table against wall with two chairs, feather in vase on table with lamp and small pillow, round table in room center with tea pot and books, hanging piece over table with reflection on mirror on back wall. Daleyville, Wisconsin, ca. 1876.



Nils Larsen Dahl and family. Wife Ingeborg. Children: Louis, seated (father of Walter Dahl), Tina (standing), Bertha, seated front, Emma and Ida (with doll). Nels Dahl, brother of photographer Andreas Larsen Dahl, in front of their Main Street home (now Deforest). DeForest Wiscinsin, 1873-79.



A gathering of ministerial families at the parsonage of Jacob Aal Ottesen in Sec. 20 of the town of Christiania, now on County Trunk B east of Interstate 90. Jacob Ottosen is seated on the far left with Mrs. Ottosen to his left. Herman Preus right of the table. Mrs. Preus is opposite him by the Ottosens. Large frame house behind has two porches with lattuce side work on each; the smaller one has vines growing. Madison environ, Wisconsin, ca. 1874.



The steam yacht "Mendota" and it's barge "Uncle Sam" at Bridge's Point on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin during the 1879 Norwegian Sunday School Picnic.



The Halle Steensland Family at home. Steensland was co-founder of the Hekla Insurance Co., Madison, along with "Johnny" Johnson (Gisholt Machinery). Home now located at 733 Lakewood Boulevard, Village of Maple Bluff. From the left: Morten, Mr. Steensland, Henry, Edward, Sophia Steensland, Helen, and seated in front, Halbert. Madison, Wisconsin, ca. 1876.


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