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It is possible to search in two databases:

1) The reference database, which contains references (i.e. that refers the user to bibliographical items) to about ca. 3,500 articles, books and excerpts from books, ca. 550 emigrant letters (“America letters”), and ca. 350 photographs and prints.

2) The full-text database, which contains all the America letters and ca. 300 articles, books and excerpts of books in full text.

If a search result in the reference base contains references to documents that are also in full text, the search result will present both the reference and the full text. If one does a search on references to photographs and prints, the search result will present both the reference and the illustration.



One may search using most of the words registered in the references and the complete texts. Either upper or lower case letters may be used. The order of words makes a difference, however. If you are going to do a search using the reference a happy boy, you must enter the words in this order (i.e. a happy, happy boy or a happy boy, but not a boy).


Searching by using the logical operators AND, OR, NOT (written in upper or lower case letters, perhaps in parentheses to avoid them having various meanings). You may therefore search using happy and boy. If you wish to do a search using the words “AND”, “OR” or “NOT,” you must place them within quotation marks (or an entire phrase). One may search using logical operators in the search boxes in the reference base and in the full-text documents.


amerika or america

(amerika or america) and (norge or norway)

war “and” peace

(textbook and mathematics) not elementary


If you are not sure about the spelling of a word, you can block one or more characters by truncation symbols. You may truncate before, after or in the middle of a word. The same can be done with words within a phrase.

The possibilities for masking and truncating are somewhat different in the reference database and in the full-text database.

The following pertains to the reference database:

? None, one or several symbols/words

! Specifically this symbol

?ristiania gives search result Christiania/Kristiania

?amerika? gives search result amerika alone or with prefixes or as part of a word, e.g.: Amerika,

Nord-Amerika, amerikanske, amerikareisen

pet?er gives search result Peter, Petter, petimeter

ameri!a gives search result America/Amerika

wom!n gives search result woman/women


Here you may search in ca. 4,200 registered references to books, excerpts from books, articles, America letters, photographs and prints. In a field in the scroll menu, select the category in which you wish to do your search (ca. 3,500 references to articles and books, ca. 550 references to America letters, ca. 375 references to photographs and prints).

A search under the category Articles and books will result in a list that now and then also gives an opportunity to see both the reference and the full text to which the reference refers. This is possible because ca. 300 of the described documents have also been included as full text documents.

A search in the category America letters will result in a list that always gives both references and the possibility to look at a full text, since all registered letters are also included with full text.

A search in the category Photographs and prints also results in a list with both references and the possibility to view the illustration, since all registered photographs and prints have been scanned and included in the data base.

FREE TEXT SEARCH: Most words registered in the bibliographical references are searchable.. The words may be combined with logical operators and masked and truncated as described in the section about this.


(Under the category Photographs and prints, click only on PERSON)

Here you may do a search on the name of a person or institution. Names may be chosen from the list of names or typed into the box. You may do a search using a complete name (e.g. Anderson, Rasmus Bjørn) or short forms:

A search only on the surname anderson will result in a list of references in which the surname appears as author, described person, sender/recipient of letters or with reference to a photograph.

A search on anderson, r? will result in a list of references in which, among others, Rasmus B. (Bjørn) Anderson appears in the same contexts. A search on the word synod will result in a list of references with the names of institutions in which the word is part of the name of the institution. A search on ?synod? will result in a list in which the word may have a prefix and/or suffix.

For a search in references in the category Articles and books, the field may be specified using the scroll menu, so that the search may be made on the name of a person or institution only as an author (publisher) or only as a theme.


(Only in the category Articles and books)

Do a search on the periodical, newspaper or book titles from which articles or excerpts are registered.

You may search for a complete title (e.g. journal of modern history) or truncated words (journal? or: ?journal?) or single word (journal).


(Only under the category Articles and books)

A search on the titles of books (articles/excerpts) and series titles in those cases where series titles exist in the registered documents.


det norske amerika will result in a list of references with this title and titles that contain the phrase

amerika will result in a list of references with only the title Amerika or titles in which the word appears at some place or another

amerika? will result in a list of titles being only Amerika, that begin with the word Amerika- or a combination of words including Amerika.

?amerika will result in a list of titles being only Amerika, that end with the word Amerika or a combination of words ending with –amerika.


(Under the categories Articles and books and Photographs and prints)

It is possible to select a subject from the related list of subject headings or words may be entered in the box. amerika? (with the truncation symbol) will result in a list of references that have received a theme word that begins with Amerika-.


Place names may be selected from the related list or the place name may be entered in the box. The form of the name is based on the form as used in the document being referred to. E.g., the city of Oslo may appear as Christiania, Kristiania or Oslo.

In the box, search for the place name related to the reference. This may be a subject heading for the reference or the place of publication. The search result will show whether the place is a “subject” or “place of publication.”


(Under the categories America letters and Photographs and prints click only YEAR)

Search here for the date of publication or year of origin. The complete year will give these results. Three digits and a truncation symbol, e.g., 191? will result in the entire decade. Entering 1910-1930 will result in the years spanning from 1910 and up to and included the year 1930.


By entering anderson, rasmus b? in the author box and 191? in the box for the year and then clicking in the circle for AND lowest on the page will result in a list of references that include his authorship during this decade.


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