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“Some Recent Publications” – books and articles published 1929–2000

The Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA), Northfield, Minnesota, was founded in 1925. Over the years, NAHA has published many books and essay collections. The first edition of Norwegian-American Studies was published in 1926. In Vol. V, the editorial board had decided to publish a list of recent writings in the Norwegian-American historical field.

Since then, 30 chapters entitled “Some Recent Publications” have appeared in Norwegian-American Studies, the most recent in Vol. XXXV, which was published in 2000 and edited by professor Odd S. Lovoll.

Neil A. Hofland, who has scanned the 31 chapters, has also merged them into an alphabetical list of books and articles, listed alphabetically by author. The reference to “Volume number...” following each entry, refers to the volume of Norwegian-American Studies in which the reference appeared. Time has not allowed further editing of the list.

The list is included on the website with the kind permission of The Norwegian-American Historical Association.

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Persons who compiled the references in the chapters entitled "Some Recent Publications."


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