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Supplement to the Bibliography of Norwegian-Americans Texts by Orm Øverland.

A - Aftenposten (Oslo).

Anderson; The John Anderson Publishing Co. - See Sk.

Anundsen; The B. Anundsen Publishing Co. - See DP.

AP - Author's Publisher.

Aschehoug - H. Aschehoug & Co.

Augsburg - Augsburg Publishing House.

B - Budstikken (Minneapolis).

DGRP - Ditlef Georgson Ristad Papers, NAHA.

DP - Decorah-Posten (Decorah, Iowa), including its literary supplement Ved Arnen. Also used to indicate the newspaper's publisher, The B. Anundsen Publishing Co.

DS - Duluth Skandinav (Duluth, Minnesota).

E - Emigranten (Inmansville and Madison, Wisconsin).

Ei - Eidsvold (Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota).

ELK - Evangelisk Luthersk Kirketidende (Decorah, Iowa).

F - Fædrelandet (La Crosse, Wisconsin).

FB - Folkebladet (Minneapolis).

FM - Familiens Magasin (Minneapolis). On superseding UV in 1916, FM began with Vol. 1, but from 1921 volumes were counted as a continuation of UV.

FogE - Fædrelandet og Emigranten (La Crosse, Wisconsin and Minneapolis).

Fremad - Fremad Publishing Company.

H - Husbibliothek, a supplement to Sk.

Holter - K.C. Holter Publishing Co.

HT - Herald Tribune.

IF - Illustreret familieblad (Chicago).

IU - Illustreret ugeblad (Chicago and Minneapolis).

JAJP - John A. Johnson Papers, NAHA.

JBBP - Julius B. Baumann Papers, NAHA.

JiV - Jul i Vesterheimen (Minneapolis). No pagination before 1939.

KGP - Knut Gjerset Papers, NAHA.

KM - Kirkelig Maanedstidende (Inmansville and Madison, Wisconsin, and Decorah, Iowa).

KPP - Kristian Prestgard Papers, NAHA.

Kriedt - Waldemar Kriedt Publishing Company.

Kv - Kvartalskrift (Eau Claire, Wisconsin).

KvM - Kvindens Magasin (Minneapolis).

L - Lutheraneren (Minneapolis).

LC - Luther College Library.

M - Morgenbladet (Oslo).

MT - Minneapolis Tidende (including Daglig Tidende and Søndag Tidende.

MTCP - Minneapolis Tidende Clipping File, NAHA.

N - Normanden (Fargo, North Dakota).

NAHA - Norwegian-American Historical Association.

NAS - Norwegian-American Studies.

NF - Nordmanns-Forbundet (Oslo).

No - Norden (a newspaper, Chicago 1874-97; a literary journal, Chicago 1928-33).

NSP - Det norske selskab Papers, NAHA.

NT - Nordisk Tidende (NY).

NU - Norsk Ungdom (Chicago).

OABP - Ole Amundsen Buslett Papers, NAHA.

OERP - Ole Edvart Rølvaag Papers, NAHA.

OGP - Oscar Gundersen Papers, NAHA.

OJSP - Ola Johann Særvold Papers, NAHA.

POSP - Peer O. Strømme Papers, NAHA.

R: - Reviews

R - Reform (Eau Claire, Wisconsin).

Rasmussen - C. Rasmussen Forlagsboghandel.

RBAP - Rasmus B. Anderson Papers, Wisconsin Historical Society.

Relling - I.T. Relling & Co.

SJP - Simon Johnson Papers, NAHA.

Sk - Skandinaven (Chicago). References are to the weekly/semi-weekly edition. Also used to indicate the newspaper's publisher, The John Anderson Publishing Company.

UV - Ungdommens Ven (Minneapolis).

VT - Vor Tid (Minneapolis).

WAP - Waldemar Ager Papers, NAHA.

WP - Washington-Posten (Seattle, Washington).

Genres are indicated in parenthesis at the end of each entry in the bibliography:

A - anthology

B - biography

E - essay(s)/arcticle(s)/non-fiction

G - guide

H - history

HB - handbook

J - juvenile fiction

M - memoirs, autobiography

N - novel

P - play

S - story/stories

SF - serialized fiction

T - travel

Text - text book

V - verse

/ separates the two years of publication for the original and the translation: 1924/1926.

* indicates that the book has not been located.

For reviews published the same year as the text the year is not repeated in the bibliographical entry.

A pseudonym is given in parenthesis immediately after the date of publication.

Æ,æ - alphabetized as ae

Ø,ø - are written Ö,ö and alphabetized as o

Å,å - Alphabetized as a


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