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Organizations/Institutions and Societies:

The American Coordinating Council of Norway
The American Coordinating Council of Norway (ACCN) is a non-profit council of American organizations founded in 1985. ACCN acts as an umbrella organization by providing a network to other American and Norwegian-American groups in Norway.

The Art of European Emigration
The Art of European Emigration presents a collection of images which help to tell the story of the millions of people who moved from Europe to North America during the last two centuries of this millennium. These images have been brought together by members of the Association of European Migration Institutions (A.E.M.I.).

The Association of European Migration Institutions (A.E.M.I.)
Institutions and organizations in Europe, whose field of interest concern migration, research and exhibitions portraying emigration, and who seek to promote understanding of common goals, have joined together to form A.E.M.I.. The member organizations meet once a year.

Daughters of Norway
Daughters of Norway is a non-profit organization whose aim is to preserve the Norwegian heritage. They publish the paper Døtre av Norge/Daughters of Norway which features stories about Norwegians and Norwegian-American people. There are 19 lodges in the Western United States.

Events in the US
Published by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in the United States.

Hardanger Fiddle Association of America
Committed to preserving and promoting this precious and rare heritage of Hardanger fiddle music and Norwegian traditional music and dance. Publishes the quarterly publication Sound-Post

Library of Congress – American Memory
American Memory is the online resource compiled by the Library of Congress National Digital Library Program. With the participation of other libraries and archives, the program provides a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. Material about Norwegian-American history is also included.

The Longfellow Institute, Harvard University
Founded in 1994 at Cambridge, Massachusetts, and directed by Marc Shell and Werner Sollors, the Longfellow Institute was designed to pull together past efforts to study the non-English writings in what is now the United States and to reexamine the English-language tradition in the context of American multilingualism.

Lutheran Brotherhood
Insurance company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded by Norwegian-Americans in 1917. Lutheran Brotherhood donated money for a fund, the Norway-America Heritage Fund which is administered jointly by the Norse Federation and the Noway-American Association.

New York University Press
The first anthology of its kind, The Multilingual Anthology of American Literature brings together American writings in diverse languages. ”The Copper Kettle” by Dorthea Dahl and “The Road to the Golden Gate” by O.A. Buslett are included in this anthology.
The Multilingual Anthology of American Literature: A Reader of Original Texts with English Translations. Edited by Marc Shell, Werner Sollors.

Norse Federation
The Norse Federation is a worldwide organization with local chapters in over 25 countries. The purpose of the organization is to strengthen ties between Norwegians at home and abroad, their descendants, and friends of Norway. The home office is in Oslo, Norway. They publish a bimonthly magazine, The Norseman.

Norsk Høstfest
From a small, one-time festival in 1978, the Norsk Høstfest has grown into an annual international celebration of Scandinavian history and heritage.

Norway-America; Connections
The American Embassy in Oslo has made a list of useful links. Lots of information for people who plan to visit Norway.

"Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad" (NABF)
Bygdelages Fellesraad, founded on November, 17, 1916, is the national council for the thirty-two (32) affiliated Norwegian-American Bygdelag. They organized the Bygdelag Centennial in July 1999 at Luther College, Decoah, Iowa. This page contains a list of bygdelags in America. Each lag seeks to preserve and strengthen bonds with its home district or community-of-origin in Norway, much of it through genealogical research

Norwegian American Foundation
The mission of The Norwegian American Foundation is to further cooperation among all Norwegian-American organizations and to strengthen the ties between Norway and people throughout North America, who through ancestry and interest have a special relationship with Norway. They have a searchable database of almost 900 Norwegian-American organizations and a calendar of Norwegian-American events in the US.

The Norwegian Emigration Center
The Norwegian Emigration & Genealogy Center was established in 1986 to promote increased contact between Norwegians and friends of Norway around the world. They offer genealogical services.

Norwegian Society of Texas
The Norwegian Society of Texas (N.S.T.) is a statewide organization founded on March 8, 1975 with the objective "to enjoy, preserve and promote our Norwegian heritage". N.S.T. has nine local chapters.

Sons of Norway
The Sons of Norway is dedicated to preserving and promoting Norwegian heritage throughout North America and Norway. The association has lodges all over America. They publish the magazine Viking.

US-Norway Forum
The purpose of the US-Norway forum is to nurture a dialogue between the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Foreign Missions in the U.S., Norwegian-American organizations and Educational Institutions.

Historical Societies and Websites with Historical Source Material:

15th Wisconsin Infantry Home Page
This web site is dedicated to the 15th Wisconsin, which served with distinction in the Federal Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865). It was called the Scandinavian Regiment This website was created to honor and preserve the memory of Oberst Heg og hans gutter ~ Colonel Heg and his boys, especially for their descendants.

An Immigrant Story
This is the true account of Randi Pedersdatter Holtseteren who emigrated from Gausdal, Norway, to Clark County, Wisconsin i 1889. The interactive page presents letters and photos relating to Randi's journey and life in America .

Minnesota Historical Society
The Minnesota Historical Society is a private, non-profit educational and cultural institution established in 1849 to preserve and share Minnesota history. The Society collects, preserves and tells the story of Minnesota's past. They publish the magazine Minnesota History.

The Nordic-American Web Ring
This is a place for people who are interested in their Nordic heritage. It is a place to learn more about the languages, traditions, geography and history of Scandinavia. There are currently more than 160 sites in the Nordic-American Web Ring.

This is a Norwegian-American web site set up for the purpose of providing information. This includes, Norwegian newspapers, live radio from Norway, and live camera shots from Norway, Canada and the US.

Norway in America
The bibliographical collections of Thor M. Andersen (TMA), contains references to documents by and/or about Norwegian immigrants to the US and Canada printed between 1825-1930. There are references to books, pamphlets, and articles in newspapers and periodicals.

Norwegian-American Historical Association
The goal of the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA) is to locate, collect, preserve and interpret the Norwegian-American part of the American mosaic with accuracy, integrity, and liveliness. NAHA has a Norwegian chapter.

Norwegian-American Homepage
This is a website especially for persons in the United States who are of Norwegian heritage, and who want to know more of the Kingdom of Norway.

The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC)
NHDC is a national institution at the University of Tromsø. The aim is to computerize the Norwegian censuses 1865 onwards together with the parish registers and other sources from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Norwegian Immigration Association
The Norwegian Immigration Association collects and preserves the living history of Norwegian immigrants to the New York area. It enables those of Norwegian descent to explore their cultural legacy. While making this information available to the public, it also places the Norwegian immigrant experience on the pages of New York and United States history. The NIA Research Center resides in the library at the Inger and William Ginsberg Library of the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Manhattan. It offers books, files, clippings, a computer station, and a library atmosphere conducive to browsing or studying.

South Dakota State Historical Society
The Office of History/South Dakota State Historical Society promotes the historical and cultural heritage of South Dakota by collecting, preserving, researching, and interpreting evidence of the state's past. The magazine South Dakota History is published by the society.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota
The State Historical Society of North Dakota is a state-wide history agency with its headquarters in the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck. Collects and preserves the history of North Dakota, and publishes the magazine North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains.

Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin Historical Society is both a state agency and a private membership organization. Founded in 1846 and chartered in 1853, it is the oldest American historical society to receive continuous public funding. The society collects and disseminates knowledge of Wisconsin. The collections also encompass the history of North America and Canada, and the society is one of the top genealogical repositories. Wisconsin Magazine of History is published by Wisconsin Historical Society.

Genealogical Resources:

Ancestors from Norway
The website was created in 1996 by John Føllesdal to provide a road map to various Internet resources on Norwegian-American genealogy. Since then, Ancestors from Norway has grown to over fifty separate web pages. The articles you will find on this web site provide detailed information on how to use various Norwegian genealogy sources such as census records, church records, and "bygdebøker". In addition, there are several articles that provide background information on such topics as the Norwegian patronymic naming system.

Ancestry.com is the premier resource for family history online. The site offers thousands of fully searchable databases containing information on hundreds of millions of individuals. Social Security Death Index can be reached from this site

Cyndi’s list of genealogy sites on the Internet (Norway)
Cyndi’s list is a categorized and cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet; a list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online; a "card catalog" to the genealogical collection in the immense library that is the Internet; and a genealogical research portal onto the Internet. In the Alphabetical Category Index, there is one list about Norway.

The Digital Archives of Norway
Co-operation between the Department of History at the University of Bergen, and the Regional State Archives of Bergen, part of the National Archives of Norway. The Digital Archives include the Norwegian National censuses of 1801, 1965 and 1900, as well as the Norwegian emigrant databases, and lots of other records. As from July 200, the national Norwegian emigration database, contains the names and data of more than 700,000 emigrants, about 333,000 Norwegians registered in the US census of 1880.

The aim is to make a common forum for anyone interested in using computers as a tool in genealogical research in Norway and stimulate genealogical research.

DIS-Norge welcomes members from overseas.

Resources including genealogical and historical societies, links to sites featuring local history, everything you need to locate birth and death records. Surname search resources and links to sites with transcriptions of the passengers aboard thousands of immigrant ships.

Family Chronicle
Genealogy websites are rated. Gives a list of the most useful websites.

The Internet genealogy service of the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). They have microfilm copies of the principal genealogical records in Norway and other countries and American immigration records.

The entire 12,555 rolls of microfilm of the U.S. Census from 1790 to 1920 have been digitized and original images that had become bleached or darkened have been restored using the latest digital technology.

GenealogyDatabase.com is available to libraries on a subscription basis for public use through their local library system. The site also offers individual consumer subscriptions and a selection of free genealogy search tools.

The Genealogy Homepage
A list of genealogical sources all over the world, either listed according to categories.

The Genealogy Page
Genealogists are the most numerous users of the Washington, DC, research rooms, and 13 regional facilities of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). This area provides many of the finding aids, guides, and research tools that can prepare you for a visit to one of our facilities or for requesting records from NARA

From Gjerpen to America
Jan Christensen has gathered information about the emigration from Gjerpen in Telemark to America, including passenger lists and information about people who emigrated in the period 1849-1927.

Guide to Norwegian Bygdebøker
List of Norwegian Bygdebøker arranged by the individual counties. Available at The Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, University of North Dakota.

Family History/Genealogy Room houses a variety of primary and secondary resources useful to family historians. The Family History Room also contains over 4650 volumes of published material.

How to Trace your Ancestors in Norway
You may find information about Norwegian records, institutions and how to find your Norwegian descendants. It’s important to read the chapter “Preparations and Procedures” before going to Norway to do research.

Minnesota Genealogical Society
The society was organized in 1969. The purpose is to stimulate the interest in local history and genealogy.

The Norway.com family of websites gives you updated travel and genealogy information directly from Norway

Norway Genealogy
A website for those who need travel planning tools to Norway or Scandinavia, for people of Norwegian/Scandinavian heritage, and for all those who are interested in Norway and Scandinavia.

The Norwegian Genealogical Society
The main purpose of the society is to publish articles that help to increase the knowledge of family history and genealogy in Norway. A short introduction in English is available at the first page of the site.

Ships & Immigrants Norway to Canada
The National Archives of Canada (NAC) holds a few lists of immigrant settlers and passenger lists scattered within various collections, mostly relating to immigrants from Great Britain arriving in Canada between 1801 and 1849. Staff of the Genealogy Unit prepared a nominal card index to most of those lists, which is referred to as the Miscellaneous Immigration Index. With the Archives' permission we have input the information from those cards into a database containing approximately 15,000 names. A list of sources is also provided, which gives a brief description of the information that can be found in each record.

100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway
The site contains a ship index from 1825 to 1925 and an alphabetical list of the names of ships we know to have left Norway with emigrants. Ships that sailed from English ports with Norwegian emigrants have also been included. Transcribed passenger lists are also included for some of the ships..

University of North Dakota Libraries
Family History/Genealogy Room houses a variety of primary and secondary resources useful to family historians. Primary materials are regional in scope and emphasize North and South Dakota and Minnesota. The secondary sources document the three major ethnic groups that settled the three state area: Scandinavians, in particular the Norwegians, Canadians of English, Irish and Scottish descent, and Germans from Russia.

University of Minnesota Genealogy Resources
Approximately five million volumes, a nationally-acclaimed map library, several thousand newspapers, and well over a million government documents constitute a rich resource for genealogists.

Norwegian-American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library
The center was founded in 1974 in Madison, Wisconsin, by Professor Gerhard B. Naeseth, eminent scholar of Norwegian genealogy and emigration. The purposes of the center are to respond to Norwegian and Norwegian-American genealogical inquiries, to collect and make available Norwegian and Norwegian-American genealogical resources, and to promote the study of Norwegian heritage.

Museums and Archives in Norway and the US:

A virtual exhibition that presents a collection of images which help to tell the story of the millions of people who moved from Europe to North America during the last two centuries of this millennium. The images have been brought together by members of the Association of European Migration Institutions.

The Ellis Island Immigrations Museum
The museum tells the inspiring story of the largest human migration in modern history.

More than 17 million people passed through the port of New York from 1892-1924. The ships' passenger manifests are currently on microfilm at the National Archives and Records Administration. American Family Immigration History Center Over 113 million Americans are presently engaged in family history research. This innovative center will provide guidance to both adults and children in the fascinating task of tracing one's roots.

Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane
The County Archives in Sogn and Fjordane conducts work of collecting and indexing all kinds of information pertaining to the emigration from the county of Sogn and Fjordane in western Norway.

Little Norway
A unique collection of Norse antiques has been assembled in this homestead of early Norwegian settlers. The "Norway Building" built in Norway for Chicago's Colombian Exposition of 1893, is a fine example of ancient Norse church architecture. This building contains an impressive and colorful collection of folk objects from both Scandinavia and America

The Nordic Heritage Center
Documents the history of Scandinavian immigrants in the Pacific Northwest. Their dramatic journey to America comes alive through artifacts, photographs and personal stories at the Nordic Heritage Museum.

Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center
Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center is located in Coon Valley, Wisconsin.

The Norwegian Emigrant Museum

There at two sections: an open-air museum that gives a taste of Norwegian America at the turn of the century and a research center. The museum collects and conserves historical material and disseminates information about the emigration from Norway.

Norwegian Emigration to the USA
An exhibition made by the Digital Archives to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Norwegian emigration to America. The exhibition is divided into three parts: Norway, the Crossing and USA.

Oluf Rygh Documentation project
The database currently covers one through 17 of Oluf Rygh's series on Norwegian farm names.

Scandinavian East Coast Museum, Brooklyn, New York
The Scandinavians have been in Brooklyn for almost 400 years. ØThose who settled in the New York City area have a history, just as rich as the Midwest. They were involved in the labor movement, WWII, the development of New York as the world’s premier harbor, and also in establishing many social institutions, which still exist. The Scandinavian East Coast Museum documents their history.

US National Archives Washington D.C.
Genealogical source material in the U. S. National Archives, Washington, DC

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum

The museum's main building, built in 1877 as an elegant hotel, is organized on a grand scale around the immigrant theme, from life in Norway, through the Atlantic crossing, to life in America, with complete Norwegian and pioneer homes. Organizes Nordic Fest in Decorah every year the last weekend in July.

The Waldemar Ager Association
The association is a not-for-profit group dedicated to preserving Waldemar Ager's memory. His home has been renovated as a historical site in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Norwegian-American Colleges and Academic Organizations Founded by Norwegian Americans:

Augsburg College
Augsburg Seminar started as a seminary. In 1874 a college department was started. Augsburg is located in Minneapolis.

Augustana College
Augustana College started in Canton in South Dakota. Moved to Sioux Falls in 1918.

Concordia College
Concordia started as an academy in 1891 in Moorhead, Minnesota where it is still located.

Luther College
Founded in Decorah, Iowa in 1861

Luther Seminary
Luther Seminary educates leaders for Christian communities. For those interested in Norwegian-American church history, the library merits a visit.

Pacific Lutheran University
An academy was started in Tacoma in 1894 and another one in Everett in 1905, both in Washington. In 1920 the two merged under the name Pacific Lutheran College and from 1960, Pacific Lutheran University.

St. Olaf College
St. Olaf School was founded in 1875 by B.J. Muus in Northfield, Minnesota. In 1886 a college department was started.


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