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Bibliographies help identify the resources that are available. The bibliographies featured on this website contain references to Norwegian Americana published in English and Norwegian: books, periodicals, newspapers, and articles written between 1825 and 2000.

Bibliographies/Lists—full text

Links to bibliographical databases not included in this website

  • The Thor M. Andersen bibliographical database (TMA), Norway in America, an on-line bibliography of documents printed between 1825 and 1930 by and about Norwegian emigrants to the US and Canada. It contains 50,000 entries
  • Peder Nelson’s Collection at Gran library supplements Norway in America. This database contains some 3,000 references. (Norwegian language version)
  • BIBSYS. Books acquired after 1990 are catalogued in BIBSYS, an electronic library system shared by about 70 Norwegian universities, colleges and special libraries, among them the National Library.


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