Norwegian Jazz Discography 1905-1998


Dave Frishberg, p, vo, Karin Krog, vo.
            Salem, Oregon, USA, 29. Nov. 1994

    You better love meBaybridge (J) CD 20404
    Just in time-
    If I should lose you-
    Old folks-
    Shiny stockings-
    Dear Bix-
    Embraceable you-
    Nice work if you can get it-
    In a mellow tone-
    Tulip or turnip-
    Cornflower blue-
    Blue Monk-
    Beautiful love-
    Everytime we say goodbye-

Album title: Dave Frishberg & Karin Krog.


Karin Krog, vo, Egil Kapstad, p, Erik Amundsen, b, Jon Christensen, dr.
            Oslo 14. Nov. 1963

    My favourite thingsHarmoni LP H 505, 506
    Lover manHarmoni  468-S

Album title: Harmoni LP = Metropol jazz.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Bjørn Johansen, ts, Arild Wikstrøm, p, Jan Berger, g, Per Løberg, b, Jon Christensen, dr.
            Oslo 7. March 1964

    NightimePhi 353 247
    Moonshine lullaby-               , Ver 523 716-2

Karin Krog, vo, Egil Kapstad, p, Kurt Lindgren, b, Jon Christensen, dr.
            Oslo 15. July 1964

    By myselfPhi 631 062PL, Ver 523 716-2
    Deed I do-
    I guess I'll hang my tears... (vo & p only)-

            Oslo 16. July 1964

    Lover manPhi 631 062PL, Ver 523 716-2
    I fall in love to easily-
    Gee baby ain't I good to you?-
    Mood indigo (vo & b only)-

Per Løberg, b, replaces Lindgren.
    Karin's kicks-
    All blues-

All titles also on Philips 838 054PY, Fontana 6426 031, Philips(J) RJ 5019, Mer(J) CD 3084.

Album title: By myself, except Verve 523 716 = Jubilee.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Kenny Drew, p, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, b, Jon Christensen, dr.
            Oslo 11. Nov. 1966

    Old folksSon 1404/GP 9985, Ver 523 716-2
    I got your number-
    Baby wont you please come home-
    Dearly belovedSon GP 9987
            Oslo 12. Nov. 1966

    Just in timeSon 1404/GP 9987, Ver 523 716-2
    Glad to be unhappy-          
    I can't get started-
    Body and soul-

Jan Garbarek, ts, added.
            Oslo 12. Nov. 1966

    All of youSon 1404/GP 9987/Ver 523 716-2
    Dearly beloved-

All titles on 1404 also on Sonet (J) 2019, Vogue CDVS 115, Break (J) CD 4052, Century (J) CD 0460.

Album title: Jazz moments.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Palle Danielsson, Arild Andersen, b, Svein Christiansen, dr.
            Kongsberg 6. July 1968

    Round about midnightSonet SLP 1405, Son (J) 2018

Karin Krog, vo, Jan Garbarek, ts, per, Terje Bjørklund, p, Arild Andersen, b, Svein Christiansen, dr, Espen Rud, per.
            Oslo 2. Oct. 1968

    Mr. JoySonet 1405/Son (J) 2018, Odin LP 09
    Maiden voyage/Lazy afternoonSonet 1405
    Karin's modeSonet 1405

Album titles: Sonet = Mr. Joy, Odin = Norsk Jazz 1960-80.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Ted Curson, tp, Berndt Egerbladh, org, Elisabeth Sønstevold, harp, Arild Andersen, b, Jon Christensen, dr, add Kari Stokke, Johs Bergh, claycuckoo -1.
            Oslo 4. Aug. 1969

    Break of day in Molde -1Sonet T 9541, MPS 22368-3, Mean MC 1
    Blues eyes-                                             -

Album title: MPS = From Europe with jazz vol. 2.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Eje Thelin, tb, Joachim Kühn, as, p, Adelhard Roidinger, g, Palle Danielsson, b, Aldo Romano, dr.
            Stockholm 30. April 1970

    Tine's nightmarePhi (J) FDX 202
    Different days, different ways-

Album title: Different days, different ways.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Carl Magnus Neumann, Lars Göran Uhlander, fl, as, Berndt Egerbladh, p, Terje Rypdal, g, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, b, Sten Öberg, dr.
            Hamburg 15. May 1970

    WoodooNDR 654 094  

Album title: Jazz Workshop 1970.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, elec, add Elisabeth Sønstevold, harp -1.
            Oslo 19. Jan. 1972

    For my two J.B'sPhi (J) FDX 202
    As a wife has a cow-
    Santa Monica -1-

Karin Krog, vo, Klaus Koenig, p, Peter Frei, b, Peter Schmidlin, dr.
            Zurich, Switzerland, 4. March 1972

    NightmareTCB Records 8730

Album title: European Trends vol. 3.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Arild Andersen, b.
            Montreux, Switzerland, 21. June 1972

    God bless the childPhi (J) FDX 202
    Round midnight-
    Lonely woman-

Album title: Different days, different ways.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Ivar Antonsen, p, Sture Janson, b, Svein Christiansen, dr.
            Oslo 18. Aug. 1972

    Where fortune smilesEF LP 1

Album title: Si ja til EF.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Arild Andersen, b.
            Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, 21. June 1973

    Round about midnightEnja LP/CD 2030, CD 8008-2

Album titles: 2030 = Live at the festival, 8008 = Art of the duo.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Bjarne Nerem, ts, Egil Kapstad, p, Arild Andersen, b, Jon Christensen, dr.
            Oslo 19. Dec. 1973

    How long has this been going on?Pol 2382 045, Verve 523 716-2
    Nice work if you can get it-                        -
    My man's gone now-
    Embraceable you-
    They all laughed-
    There's a boat...-

All titles also on Phi (J) 6033, Meantime CD MR 4.

Album title: Gershwin with Krog, except Verve = Jubilee.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Palle Mikkelborg, tp, arr, dir, Per Carsten, fl, as, Bent Larsen, fl, Niels Peters, oboe, Per Walther, Hans Nielsen, v, Finn Ziegler, vla, Erling Christensen, ce, Ole Kock Hansen, p, Lubov Rubinstein, harp, Philip Catherine, g, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, b, Alex Riel, dr, Kasper Vinding, per.
            Copenhagen 20. - 22. May 1974

    You must believe in springPol 2382 044, Ver 523 716-2
    Once upon a summertime-                       -
    Ask yourself why-
    I'll wait for you-
    Watch what happens-
    What are you doing the rest of your life?-

Also on Phi (J) 6019, Meantime CD MR 5, King (J) CD 251, Alfa-Jazz (J) CD 29R2-39.

Album title: You must believe in spring, except Ver = Jubilee, Alfa-Jazz = Love songs.

- - -
Same group as 19. Dec. 1973.
            Oslo 19. June 1974

    Who cares?Pol 2382 045, Ver 523 716-2
    That certain feeling (no vo)-
    Our love is here to stay (no ts)-

All titles also on Phi (J) 6033, Meantime CD MR 4.

Album title: Gershwin with Krog, except Ver = Jubilee.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Steve Kuhn, p, Steve Swallow, b, Jon Christensen, dr.
            Oslo 30. & 31. July 1974

    We could be flyingPol 2382 051/Phi (J) 6040
    Meaning of love-
    Sometime ago-
    All I want-
    Sing me softly of the blues-
    Lament (vo & p only)-
    Hold out your hand-
    Time to go-

Album title: We could be flying.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, elec.
            Oslo 12. Dec. 1974

    Aria with fontana mixPhi (J) FDX 202

Album title: Different days, different ways.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Zbigniev Namyslowski, as, Wojciech Karolak, p, Pavel Jarzebski, b, Czeslaw Bartkowski, dr.
            Warzaw, Poland, 25. Oct. 1975

    How long has this been going on?Muza SX 1340
    Hello Thursday-
    Where fortune smiles-
    Who cares?-

Album title: Jazz jamboree 1975.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Allan Botchinsky, tp, flh, Bernt Rosengren, fl, as, ts, Nils Lindberg, p, Ole Molin, g, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, b, Ole Streenberg, dr.
            Malmö, Sweden, 17. & 18. Nov. 1976

    On Green Dolphin StreetRCA PL 40015
    Isn't that the thing to do?-
    That certain feeling-
    Rock's in my bed-
    I'm shadowing you-
    Blues for a crushed soul-
    Once i loved-
    My romance-
    As you are-

Note: Bernt Rosengren's parts added in Stockholm 20. Jan. 1977.

Album title: As you are.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Warne Marsh, ts, Red Mitchell, b.
            Oslo 8. & 9. April 1980

    That old feelingSpot LP22/Mean CD 8, Ver 523 716 - 2
    Trane-                                       -
    Moody's mood for love-
    It's you or no one-
    Lover man-
    Speak low-
    I remember you-
    Speak low (alt. take)Meantime CD MR 8
    It's you or no one (alt. take)-
    That old feeling (alt. take)-

Spotlite titles also on Break (J) CD 4054, Swe-Disc (J) SJ 27-5003.

Album titles: I remember you, except Ver = Jubilee.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, elec, tamboura, per, John Surman, ss, key, per.
            Oslo Aug. 1985

    Just holding onOdin LP 17, King (J) DP 59
    Bånsull-              , Ver 523 716-2
    Karima two-                     -
    Open sandwitch-                     -
    Sorrowful day-
    Imagination's child-
    The red dragon-
    Sometime ago-
    Fran Landesman-medley-
    Hymn to joy-

All titles also on Odin CD 4017, Break (J) CD 4053, King (J) CD 476.

Karin Krog, vo, John Surman, ss, key, Brynjar Hoff, obo.
            Oslo 22. April 1986

    Raga variationsOdin CD 4017-2, King (J) CD 476

Album titles: Freestyle, except Verve = Jubilee.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Egil Kapstad, p.
            Oslo 3. May 1989

    Someone to watch over meMeantime CD MR 4
    I loves you Porgy-

Album title: Gershwin with Krog.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Kenny Drew, p, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, b, Alex Riel, dr.
            Copenhagen 13. & 14. June 1989

    Canto maiMeantime CD MR 2, Ver 523 716-2
    Out of this world-
    If I should lose you-
    My foolish heart-
    The thrill is gone-
    I get a kick out of you-
    All blues-
    The meaning of the blues-
    This is new-
    Just one of those things-
    I'm beginning to see the light-
    Everytime we say goodbye-

All titles also on Cen (J) CD 0421.

Album title: Something borrowed, something new, except Verve = Jubilee.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Roger Kellaway, p, add Red Mitchell, b -1.
            Engebret Jazz Club, Oslo, 3. May 1990

    I ain't thereVer 523 716-2
    Northern sun -1-

Album title: Jubilee.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, John Surman bcl , p.
            Novosibirsk, Russia, 14. Oct. 1990

    My friendKvark 6000 905/6
    Sometime ago-
    My man-

Karin Krog, Pyotr Rzhanitzin, Valentina Ponomareva, Sergei Manukian, Natasha Soboleva, Yildiz Ibrahimova, Pia Olby, Saynkho Namchilak, Olga Pihrags, Arkady Kirichenko, vo, Anatoly Vapirov, ts, and his orchestra.
            Novosibirsk, Russia, 14. Oct. 1990

    Vocal summit improvisationKvark 6000 905/6

Album title: Jazz vocal summit.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, John Surman ss, bcl synth.
            Oslo 19. July 1991

    It could be hipVer 523 716-2/Meantime MR 9
    Don't just sing, stand there-

Album titles: Verve = Jubilee, Meantime = Karin Krog & John Surman: Bluesand.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, John Surman, fl, ss, key, Egil Kapstad, p, Terje Venaas, b, Svein Christiansen, dr.
            Oslo 1. - 3. May 1994

    Fola fola BlakkenNorDisc 526 411-2
    Pitt Pott Nøtt-
    Nei, nei gutt-
    Hans og Per-
    Bare se men ikke røre-
    Ikke tigge-
    Sladrehanken/ I skolegården   -
    Nede på stasjonen-
    Griner du-
    Kaja og Maja-
    Barna's vals-
    Kom bukken-
    So, ro, godt barn-

Album title: Det var en gang.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Frode Thingnæs, dir, arr, Steffen Stokland, Birger Carlsen, Geir Arne Haugsrud, Pål Wilhelm Magnussen, Arne Johannessen, tb, Henryk Lysiak, p, Edvard Askeland, b, Svein Christiansen, dr.
            Oslo 2. Aug. 1994

    Alle har et søskenbarn på GjøvikPhi 522 728-2

Album title: Med blanke ark.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Yasuaki Shimizu, ts, electronics.
            Tokyo 24. May 1995

    You've got styleKing (J) CD 476, DP 59

Album title: Freestyle.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, Susanne Lundeng, v, Per Kristian Hilden, berimbeau, SubGud (Ginge Berentsen, Harald Rosenløw Eeg), elec.
            Oslo 13. Jan. 1997

    Per Spelman/Kjerringa med stavenSony CD 487 998-2

Album title: Kvirre virre vitt.


Karin Krog, vo, Don Ellis, tp, arr, dir, Bob Harman, Glen Stuart, Ed Warren, Alan Weight, tp, Dave Sanchez, Ron Myers, Terry Woodson, tb, Tom Scott, Ira Schulman, John Magruder, Ron Starr, Ruben Leon, fl, s, Mike Lang, p, Red Mitchell, Ray Neapolitan, Frank de la Rosa, b, Steve Bohannon, Alan Estes, Marc Stevens, Chino Valdez, dr, per.
            Los Angeles 2. May 1967

    In your armsBrave BR 100, Ver 523 716-2
    Lady night-
    Spring affairBrave BR 101, Ver 523 716-2
    A quiet place-

Album title Verve: Jubilee.


Karin Krog, vo, Dexter Gordon, ts, vo-1, Kenny Drew, p, org -2, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, b, Espen Rud, dr.
            Oslo 10. May 1970

    Some other springSonet SLP 1407, Ver 523 716-2
    Shiny stockings-                             -
    Blues eyes -2-                             -
    Blue Monk-
    How insensitive-
    Jelly, Jelly -1-
    I wish I knew-
    Everybody's somebody's fool-
    Ode to Billy JoePol (J) CD 20211
    Some other spring (alt. take)-
    Blue Monk (alt. take)-
    Shiny stockings (alt. take)-   

SLP 1407 also on: Son (E) SNTF 639, (J) UPS 2021, Storyville SLP 4045. All titles also on Pol (J) CD 20211, Cen (J) CD 0422, Baybridge (J) CD 20405, Storyville STCD 4045.

Album titles: Some other spring, except Verve = Jubilee.


Karin Krog, vo, Bengt Hallberg, p.
            Stockholm 18. & 19. July 1977

    A song for youPhon 50-12/7512, Meantime CD MR 7
    Feeling to good today blues-                                    -
    Stardust-                                    -
    I won't dance-                                    -
    Blue and sentimental and melancholy-                                    -
    Scandia skies-                                    -
    I was doing all right-                                    -
    I've got the right to sing the blues-                                    -
    A child is born-
    I have the feeling I've been here before-
    I ain't here-
    Lush life-

Album titles: Phon = A song for you, Meantime = One on one.

- - -
            Oslo 15. - 17. April 1982

    Jeepers CreepersFourL FLC 5063, Ver 523 716-2
    The touch of your lips-                              -
    Like that-                              -
    My man-         Alfa-Jazz(J) CD 29R2-39
    You must believe in spring-                              -
    The end of the day song-                              -
    Spring in Manhattan-                              -
    I ain't here-
    Hallelujah I just love him so-
    Love walked in-
    Dear Bix-
    I'm coming Virginia-
    Ain't nobody's business-
    Cabin in the skyMeantime CD MR 1
    A child is born-                 Alfa-Jazz(J) CD 29R2-39

Four Leaf sides also on Meantime CD MR 1.

Album titles: Two of a kind, except Verve = Jubilee, Alfa-Jazz = Love songs.


Karin Krog, vo, Nils Lindberg, org.
            Gagnef, Sweden, 12. & 13. Feb. 1980

    Sometimes I feel like a motherless childBluebell 115, Meantime CD MR 7
    A love supreme-                        -    
    Going home-                        -
    Just a closer walk with thee-
    With malice towards none-
    God bless the child-
    I ensomme stunde-
    Song from Djura-
    Come Sunday-
    Gud som haver barnen kjær-

Album titles: Bluebell = With malice toward none, Meantime = One on one.


Karin Krog, vo, Red Mitchell, p, b.
            Stockholm 19. & 20. Oct. 1977

    Blues in my heartBluebell 106, Meantime CD MR 7
    God bless the child-                        -
    But not for me-                        -
    You'd be so nice to come home to-                        -
    These foolish things-                        -
    Just in time-                        -
    Mean to me-
    All too soon-
    Alone together-
    One long string-

Album titles: Bluebell = ...but three's a crowd, Meantime = One on one.


Karin Krog, vo, Thomas Berg Monsen, hca, vo, Arild Boman, org, Bjørn Johansen, Petter Holm, g, Hans Marius Stormoen, b, Jan Lie, dr.
            Oslo 20. June 1966

    Watermelon manSonet T 9522
    Whole lot of shakin' goin on-

Add Carl Magnus Neumann, as, Knut Riisnæs, ts, Hans Knudsen, brs.
            Oslo 25. Aug. 1966

    We're gonna move to the outskirts of townSonet T 9525


Karin Krog, vo, Charles Greenlee, tb, Archie Shepp, ts, Jon Balke, p, Arild Andersen, b, Beaver Harris, dr, add Cameron Brown, b -1.
            Oslo 23. June 1976

    Solitude (vo & ts only)Compendium LP 2, Ver 523 716-2
    Sing me softly of the blues-                               -
    Steam -1-
    Day dream-
    Hi fly-
    Soul eyes-

All titles also on Pol 2382 100, Meantime CD MR 3, Cen (J) CD 0458, Baybridge (J) CD 20406.

Album title: Hi-Fly, exept Verve = Jubilee.


Karin Krog, vo, John Surman, ss, bcl, brs, key, add Janet Cooke, key -1, Stu Martin, dr -2.
            London 3. & 4. May 1976

    Empty streets -1 Pol 2382 093, Odin LP 09, Verve 523716
    New spring -2-
    Eyeless in movement -1-
    Jonathan -1, -2-
    Alone song -1-
    Cloud line blue-
    Edge piece -2-

All titles also on Poljazz PSJ 82.

Album title Pol, Poljazz = Cloud line blue, Verve = Jubilee, Odin = Norsk Jazz 1960-80.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, John Surman, brs.
            Berlin 25. June 1983

    SAS bluesAmiga 856 035

Album title: Jazzbühne Berlin '83.

- - -
Karin Krog, vo, John Surman, ss, elec.
            Kent, England, 8. Oct. 1996

    Streetplayer and nightingaleNetwork CD 26983

Album title: Stories for friends - 75 years Joachim Ernst Berendt.

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