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Språkbanken's Council

Av Merethe Myrvang

26.09.2012 15:02

To ensure that Språkbanken maintains a continuous contact and dialogue with stakeholders in the market and the research communities, the National Library has appointed an advisory council of professionals.

The Council is an areana which attends to the exchange of information between relevant institutions and stakeholders in the language technology market. The council will thus contribute to identifying user needs, help Språkbanken to prioritise between these needs, and it has a strategic and professional guiding function in the question of further development and expansion of Språkbanken. The Council shall also ensure that Språkbanken is developed in line with prevailing language policy guidelines.

The council consists of representatives from the Universities of Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim), the Research Council of Norway, The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Telenor, IBM Norway, Companybook, the Language Council of Norway and a representative from the National Library. As of August 2012, its members are:

  • Companybook: Fredrik Jørgensen
  • The Language Council of Norway: Nina Teigland
  • The National Library: Jon Arild Olsen
  • IBM Norway: Roar Fundingsrud
  • The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH): Marita Kristiansen
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Torbjørn Svendsen
  • The Research Council of Norway: Siri Lader Bruhn
  • Telenor: Knut Kvale
  • The University of Bergen: Victoria Rosén
  • The University of Oslo: Janne Bondi Johannessen
  • The University of Tromsø: Trond Trosterud

The Council meets at least once a year.


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