The NB Z39.50 target

Service Description

A selection of the databases maintained by the National Library of Norway are accessible for search/retrieval by means of the Z39.50 protocol, including the national bibliographies and union catalogues of books and serials.

The database names below are linked to detailed database descriptions, including URLs of web interfaces. Searching the databases through web or Z39.50 is free of charge.

The information below should be sufficient to configure a client for searching the NB Z39.50 target.

Protocol version 3
IP address
Port number 2100
Norart (Norwegian index to periodical articles)
Norper (Norwegian list of serials)
NOSP (Nordic/Baltic union catalogue of serials)
Query type supported 1 (RPN)
Attribute set BIB-1 - see details
Record syntaxes NORMARC, USMARC, SUTRS
Query string charset ISO 8859-1
Record charset ISO 8859-1
Record composition F, B, R, B1, B2

The target supports explain lite, which is based on XML encoded description of the target. The explain lite document can be viewed with your browser if it supports XML and XSL.

The target conforms as far as technically feasible with the NorZIG Z39.50 Profile Version 2. The degree of conformance varies between the databases. See the conformance statement for Norart.

Last modified: 2006-02-27